Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DOJ Drops John Edwards Case


The Obama Department of Justice has decided not to retry John Edwards over the nearly $1 million the ex-Senator's backers spent to support and hide Edwards' pregnant mistriss Riell Hunter during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Edwards received a mistrial after he was acquitted on one charge, and the jury deadlocked on the other 5.

I don't think its any surprise that the Obama Department of Justice is not going to retry a well connected and prominent Democrat I also wouldn't be surprised if there was a sizable PAC donation to the Obama Campaign involved somewhere.

The feds, surprisingly, never deposed the two Edwards backers involved in cutting the actual checks to support Ms. Hunter and Edwards campaign aide Andrew Young and his wife, first in a $2,700 a month rental home not far from the Edwards estate in Chapel Hill in North Carolina and later in a $20,000-a-month beachfront manor in Santa Barbara, California.

One of them, Texas attorney Fred Baron,conveniently died during the trial. The other elderly heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon was never deposed either. I guess they just hepled lauder all that money out of the goodness of their hearts.

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