Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama Campaign Selling Fashion Items, Including Their Very Own Arafat-Style Keffiya

The Obama campaign has a brand new venture to raise campaign cash from theeir wealthier supporters - teaming up with fashion designers to sell ObamaWear at high end prices.

Yes, you too can contribute to the Obama campaign by purchasing a spiffy Tony Burch bag for $75,a Dianne von Furstenberg Bag for $85, a Rachel Roy Tank Top for $55,or a Thakoon Dog Leash and Collar for the politically aware pooch at a mere $45, with a Marc Jacobs Dog Tee for another measly 40 smackers.Or if you prefer, one for your human self at just 5 bones more.

And of course, the above item, a version of an Arafat-style 'Palestinian' keffiya by Monique Paen, a real blow up item at $85, guaranteed to take the crowd hostage at your next Manhattan or Hollywood do. It appears they kept the basic design and simply varied the normal pattern slightly to a more mod Batique.

Keffiyas have become real fashion items in some circles, so I suppose it's only natural the Obama campaign would seek to capture that market, considering their policies on Israel. For comparison, here are a few examples of the genuine, slightly more downmarket items:

Look, they even come in designer colors!!!

This could be you...

Even Pope Benedict sports one. It's the latest thing.

It's also the symbol of jihad against the Jews, and the present day equivalent to wearing a Nazi armband in public. It's the signature item of the homicide bomber, of Hamas, of Islamic Jihad, of the 'Palestinian' Authority with its own Holocaust denying dictator, and you can't go to an anti-Israel orgy anywhere without seeing people sporting them.

Classy. Show your support for America's most anti-Israel president and get yours today.

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Anonymous said...

It figures that the Obama campaign would be peddling this crap,yet the Jews will still vote for him.

You'd think they'd get a clue by now.