Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fake-A-Hontas Lashes Out At 'Rightwingers' - Including Professor Jacobson At Legal Insurrection!!

Democrat senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren, AKA Dances-With-Socialism keeps getting buried deeper and deeper in her false claims of Cherokee Indian ancestry. First, when the story first broke, she attempted to simply lie about the fact that she claimed minority status at Penn State and Harvard Law in order to take advantage of affirmative action and 'diversity' bennies to get herself hired to lucrative positions. She was forced to admit it after subsequent investigation proved she informed both universities she was Native American and was promoted as a diversity hiring by both schools..and further revelations forced Princess Passes Bull to admit that she listed herself as Native American in order to get placed on a list of “Minority Law Teachers”.

It's just gotten worse since then, since a number of actual people of Cherokee ancestry have denounced her for falsely claiming the lineage. Even genealogical tracing of Warren by a group of Cherokees led by Twila Barnes has shown that Fake-A- Hontus has no Cherokee heritage. In fact, one of her direct ancestors even participated in rounding up the Cherokees and shipping them to Oklahoma via the infamous trail of Tears.

The bizarre thing about this is that Warren could have headed this entire thing off by simply saying that this was based on what she was told by her family, that she might have been mistaken, sorry about that. It all would have gone away.

Instead, she's been living this lie and wallowing in minority victim status fo rso long she simply couldn't give it up, so she's doubled down, accusing 'rightwingers of orchestrating this while refusing to meet with Cherokee groups who are demanding she explain herself.

And prominent among those nasty rightwingers? Our friend Cornell Law professor Bill Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion! You literally have to see the vids at this link in order to believe them. According to Warren and her surrogates, the whole Cherokee issue was a product of 'Brown operatives', not Princess Speaks-With-Forked-Tongue's own lies and manipulations of the diversity industry:

Rather than meet with the Cherokee women and prove her heritage or apologize, Warren’s response has been to create a shiny object for the press to focus on, a ”right wing extremist“:

Warren’s camp responded late today with this statement: “The people of Massachusetts are concerned about their jobs, the future for their kids, and the security of their retirement. Scott Brown would rather talk about anything else. The out-of-state group in question is being promoted and supported by a right wing extremist who is on the record supporting and contributing money to Scott Brown. It is past time we moved on to the important issues facing middle class families in Massachusetts – even if Scott Brown won’t.”

The Warren statement does not identify the “right wing extremist,” but her campaign has been feeding my name to dutiful scriveners at places such as CBS Boston, who use old information from the Brown-Coakley race.

Professor Jacobson, of course, has been on this story form the outset.

This is a classic exhibition of the left wing mindset, for what it's worth. No matter what happens, it's always someone else's fault.

If this is the sort of person the people of Massachusetts want representing them, fine.But really, res ipsa loquiter...the thing speaks for itself.

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