Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama's New Election Strategy: Amnesty By Executive Order

President Obama has a brand new election strategy.

Today, he announced that by executive order, he and the Department of Homeland Security were no longer going to deport illegal aliens under 30 years of age.

Many people are calling this implementation by Executive Order of the DREAM Act, which failed to get through Congress three times.

They're's actually an extension of the DREAM Act, which Obama already implemented by Executive order almost a year ago, as regular members of Joshua's Army know.

This doesn't just apply to illegal aliens brought to America by their parents and meet certain criteria, but to all illegal aliens under thirty. The president and DHS Head Janet Napolitano can try and spin this as a reallocation of resources and 'prosecutorial discretion', but it is blanket amnesty in defiance of U.S. Laws.

The Justice Department has been implementing what an interdepartmental memo called "a non-legislative version of amnesty" for months by flouting the law and simply refusing to prosecute hundreds of deportation cases in the courts, this just makes it official.

The president is also outright lying when he says this will make sense economically. At a time of high unemployment, it will simply price American citizens out of the job market in favor of illegal aliens willing to work for less pay and at worse conditions. As such, it disproportionally affects Hispanics here legally and black Americans. Black Americans, as a matter of fact, have seen their employment in the construction and building trades drop dramatically - especially if they're union.

This measure is also calculated to increase illegal immigration, as the news spreads that if you jump the border and are under thirty, your chances of being caught and deported are nil:

The administration’s election-year amnesty move may grow far larger than advertised, because it can be used by foreign children who are now in the country when they reach the age of 15. Younger illegal immigrants “will be able to age into the process,” said an administration official June 15.

It may also be exploited by other immigrants who will use the existing black-market in false documents to fake suitable work histories and ages.

The new policy may also spur additional illegal immigration by people wishing to see their children immigrate into United States’ relatively high-wage economy.

The process puts illegals under age 30 on track to gain legal residency, citizenship and the ability to co-sponsor their older relatives to legally join them in the United States.

The president's cynical ploy also ignores the fact that in a post 9/11 world this is a national security issue as well as an 'immigration issue'. Several of the Muslim Muslims who plotted an armed attack on U.S. troops based at Fort Dix, New Jersey were illegal aliens, and a number of experts have testified before Congress about active Hezbollah cells in America. It's not just Hispanics that cross our borders illegally.

It's also worth mentioning that this is perceived by this president as a win-win. Not only is he counting on more votes from Hispanic citizens, but from increased 'turnout' among illegal aliens. He's counting on these votes to make the difference in crucial swing states with large Hispanic populations, especially in Blue strongholds where no one is going to be looking too closely and voter fraud, especially utilizing absentee ballots is going to be a factor.

Much is being made by the Left about the fact that a reporter interrupted the president's announcement of his high handed disregard for U.S. Law and the authority of congress with a vain attempt to ask the president a couple of actual questions and get him on record. His question ( you can't hear it on the video) that was so insulting? “Mr President, why do you favor foreign workers over Americans?”

If his fellow reporters had any regard for our laws or our republic, all of them should have been screaming bloody murder.

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