Monday, June 25, 2012

NC Student Who Videotaped Screaming Pro Obama Teacher Suffered Suspension, Harassment

You might recall the story of a North Carolina teacher, one Tanya Dixon-Neely throwing a fit and screaming at her class while telling them it was criminal to criticize President Obama, along with a lot of other gems, including a threat of physical violence towards a student ("Do I need to get out my cane?").The entire episode was caught on the above video.

Needless to say, in spite of this teacher showing off her excellent classroom management skills by getting hysterical in front of her students and actually threatening one of them physically was outweighed by her union protection and racial background.

She received a slap on the wrist and a ten day suspension, and will of course keep her job.

The student who challenged her, videotaped her rant in class and lifted up the rock didn't fare quite so well.

As Breitbart reveals, Hunter Rogers, the high school junior in question was subjected to harassment and retaliation by the school's administration and relatives of of Ms. Dixon-Neely who attend the school:

The young man who did the videotaping had a hellish time finishing the school year. In an interview with Breitbart News, the young man’s sister described the ensuing weeks after the videotape. She said that some of the other students have said they are out to get the young man; the teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely, has relatives who are students in the school. The young man’s family, fearing for his safety, requested for the young man to finish the last three weeks of school at home, but the school refused. Instead, the school offered for the young man to come to school after the other students were already in class, be secluded from other students during the school day and leave before school ended.

According to the videotaper’s sister, not only did the school authorities reject the appeal for home-schooling, they gave him a suspension on his school record for videotaping in the classroom -- the first suspension ever issued for such an action, despite the fact that other students have also videotaped on school grounds.

The young man’s sister stated that assistant principal Antoine Brisbon said to her brother, “That was a very stupid thing you did. You have damaged the school. Our staff is taking a beating because our phones are nonstop. This is all over the country.” She also said that after the video was released, Tanya Dixon-Neely started making indirect remarks at the young man accusing him of stabbing her in the back. The family tried to find another school for the young man, but the sister said the schools that are close enough are worse.

Meanwhile, Dixon-Neely received a ten-day suspension, but she will be back in the fall. Since the young man will be returning as a senior, he may have her as a teacher. Even if he does not, he will be reentering a poisonous atmosphere without support from the school.

And to add insult to injury, the Rogers family will continue to foot the bill for the school, and for the inflated salary and benefits of Ms. Dixon-Neely and assistant principal Brisbon, shown below..

For those of you who think I'm overestimating the racial component of this story, reverse the story and ask yourself...if this was a black student abused and treated in this manner by a white principal and a white teacher, would it or would it not be headlines nationwide and is there any question the Obama Justice Department wouldn't be fully be involved?

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