Friday, June 15, 2012

The Latest LATMA! Cutting Edge Israeli Satire


Michal said...

Actually the skit is nonsense, the doctor was arrested for his ties to Lashkar-e-Islam, not because "he saved the president".

And of course Obama didn't turn him in, the doctor was offered an asylum in the US, but he elected to stay, because he believed he'd be a national hero.

So you might change "cutting edge satire" to, I don't know, "bollocks".

Oh and regarding the settlers, about whom is the end of the video: although I'd disagree with joining the issue of the way they mooch off the state with a housing problem, one might note that a settlement with it's large outside houses is likely more expensive to construct than a housing unit in an apartment building.

I don't think we're in disagreement about that, I understand that you have strong conservative moral values which are in direct contradiction to the way Israel subsidizes the welfare of the settlers.

Rob said...

Hello Michal,
First of all, the skit was about leaks released from the WHite House to bolster Obama's political prospects...and as such, was spot on, to the point where even Democrats in the U.S. Senate are very concerned.

Dr. Afredi's links to Lashkar e-Tiaba (I assume that's whom you mean)or other Islamic terrorist groups have, according to your link been 'an open secret' for some time. So riddle me this..why was he only arrested after his role in tracking down Osama bin-Laden was outed by Mr. Pannetta? Especially since the Pakistani government and the ISI's ties to this group are quite close and also of long standing?

I frankly doubt pretty much anything that comes from Pakistani news sources for obvious reasons anyway, but this does seem to be a slight contradiction, no?

Moving on to the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria ( you call them 'settlers'). Israel, in common with many other countries, offers certain incentives in order to develop different parts of their country. Fort example,if you're trying to emigrate to Australia and are willing to settle in the country's underpopulated interior, not only are your chances better on getting in but you are entitled to certain housing and tax incentives. I believe Brazil and Canada have similar programs,and there are probably other countries who have them as well.It's a way of promoting development and reducing urban crowding.So why not Israel? Besides, they need to control these border areas for their own security. We all saw what happened when the Israelis accepted solemn international guarantees and unilaterally removed their people from Gaza, didn't we?

And in Israel's case, of course, there's also the rationale of taking back areas that ( Gush Etzion, Hebron, Ariel, etc.) were already on land legally purchased by Jews and were originally supposed to be part of Israel according to the 1924 San Remo Agreement that created Jordan, and Article 30 of the U.N. Charter...both of which granted Israel everything west of the Jordan.

G-d forbid the Jews should actually have the right to live on their land and build home and infrastructure. How dare they!