Monday, June 18, 2012

Juan Williams: Striking Down ObamaCare Would 'Erode Voter's Trust In The Supreme Court'

FOX commentator Juan Williams has an op-ed out today that is just classic in the way it reveals how the left 'reasons'.

According to Williams, if the Supreme Court strikes down ObamaCare, the Democrats have the right to throw a major tantrum against the 'biased' Court and attack them as a major part of Obama's re-election campaign:

Every political strategist working the fall elections sees a game changer coming by the end of the month.

That’s when the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act.

The Democrats have a nuclear option in this political game if the high court throws out the healthcare law as unconstitutional.

That blowup-the-system button, not pushed since FDR’s attempt to stack the court with Democrats during the New Deal, is for Obama to use the bully pulpit of the White House, and the national stage of a presidential campaign, to launch a bitter attack on the current court as a corrupt tool of the Republican right wing.

It is a move that could energize Democrats and independents even as Republicans celebrate a major legal victory.

Some Democrats, sensing a political windfall, can’t wait to start the offensive.

In other words, if the Court doesn't rule the way we want, we on the Left have permission to jump up and down, scream and kick our collective feet and demonize them in order to make political points - no matter what harm it does to the Court as an American institution. It gets better. Williams actually encourages President Obama to do this, based on - wait for it - respect for the rule of Law and the legislative branch:

But the heart of any attack on the Supreme Court for derailing healthcare reform will come from Obama.

After oral arguments at the Supreme Court, he signaled his willingness to target the court’s conservative majority during the presidential campaign. Obama told reporters that if the court overturns “a duly constituted and passed law,” the justices will be guilty of “judicial activism.” With words that sounded like a threat he added: “I’m pretty confident that this court will recognize that and not take that step.”

The hardball political fact is that attacking the court will help the president’s campaign and it will damage the court for years to come.

Since when has this president ever had any respect for U.S. law or for the legislative branch? We just saw an example of that last Friday, with President Obama enforcing by executive diktat a piece of legislation Congress has rejected three times!

Lest you think Juan Williams is merely speculating on this rather than advocating it, here's the kicker, which comes after he cites CBS/NYT polls calling for an end to lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court:

The relevant point is that the court may do irreparable harm to its reputation with another highly political split between justices appointed by Democrats and justices appointed by Republicans. A 5-4 defeat of the healthcare law will erode trust in the justice system.

It will be another example of how polarization has poisoned our politics during the past decade.

Actually, what's eroded trust in the justice system is the antics of Attorney General Holder and the Department of Justice, as well as this president's cavalier disregard for Congress, the law and the will of the American people.Even Williams acknowledges that and briefly alludes to the bribes, machinations and abuse of the reconciliation process that got ObamaCare passed.

It's interesting to look at the thought processes on exhibition here. Rest assured if the Court upholds ObamaCare, even by a 5-4 majority, Williams will be leading the choir singing their praises and telling us how we all have to get behind them and respect their judgment.Needless to say, if the right used the same tactics he advocates after a pro ObamaCare decision, be sure he would be leading the charge condemning it.

And Juan Williams has the nerve to talk about how partisanship is poisoning our politics!

Although this does give a broad hint about where that 'polarization' has com efrom, doesn't it? Somewhere, Saul Alinsky is reading Juan William's hypocritical spin and nodding his head.

It's been obvious to me for some time that the Obama campaign would look on the repeal of ObamaCare as an excuse to rev up the troops, since it's a deeply unpopular issue they'd rather not run on.But the Supreme Court's job is to rule on the Constitutionality of ObamaCare, not its political ramifications.

Ideologues like Williams don't see that, or don't want to see that, for obvious reasons..which is why he wants to see the Supreme Court engage in the equivalent of jury nullification regardless of the right or wrong of it, or what the Constitution says.


louielouie said...

how did this man get fired from NPR?
was it a plant?
no wonder i don't watch/listen to fox.

Tantric Logic said...

He got fired from NPR because he was too conservative for them. Which shows what lunatics there are over at NPR, on our taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams would never vote for against Obama, no matter what.You can guess why.

Anonymous said...

Too late! Roe vs Wade already did that.

Ziggy said...

"he cites CBS/NYT polls calling for an end to lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court"

So we would be better off with a court that says, "You've got to give me 'til after I get re-elected. I can be more flexible then"?????