Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ways The Media Is Spinning What Happened Last Night In Wisconsin

The Democrat's lackeys in the media are working overtime to spin last night's historic election. This applies not only to commentary but to supposed 'straight news', and involves not only the promotion of outright myths but some serious omission of what ought to be headline stories. Here are a few examples:

  • The news media, relying on the usual bogus exit polls, delayed calling the election for Scott Walker far beyond what they normally would have if a Democrat was winning, while other more conservative sites, most notably Drudge, called it correctly early on. Not only did they deliberately delay calling the election for Walker, they heavily minimzed tyhe numbers...even when they were forced to concede that Walker was ahead, they were calling him ahead by 2 or three points, emphasizing 'how close' the election was. In fact, the Washington Post is still calling a 7 point blowout, 'a close win'.

  • The repetition of the myth that Walker 'outspent the Democrats nine to one.'

    A great deal of out-of-state money flowed into Wisconsin, but the flow was undoubtedly greater from the public employee unions and the Democrats. Keep in mind that this is the third attempt to thwart the will of the people of Wisconsin, with prior elections to unseat members of the State Supreme Court and the legislature. The Democrats and unions spent close to $15 million in an attempt to unseat State Supreme Court justices. They well over $3 million in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat just one of the justices, David Prosser and replace him with ultra-progressive JoAnne Kloppenburg. Democrats and their backers spent another $23.4 million, with outside groups spending $18.6 million in a previous effort to unseat four Republican state senators, which also ultimately failed.

    In this election, Scott Walker raised something like $34 million. The Democrats and the unions actually admitted spending over $23 million, not only in the elections themselves but in gathering the signatures to force the recall of Governor Walker, Lieutenant Governor and four state senators. Remember also that a lot of the union contributions were in kind or under the table and thus not counted. The same goes for assistance from places like George Soros' Open Society and his media empire. The left and their media allies will of course continue to wave the Citizens United bloody shirt, but it's simply bogus.

  • Much is being made of supposed 'exit polls' that show President Obama leading Governor Romney in Wisconsin by 11 points. The spin, from Jay Carney on down is that this election 'isn't going to matter in November.'

    First off, given how biased these polls were during the actual election, you can only imagine how much they were spun. Remember, President Barack Obama is closely involved with public employee unions and the sort of financial irresponsibility they represent that just got soundly voted down. Are we to believe that Wisconsin's voters are too stupid to make that connection?

    Another thing to consider is the effect Barack Obama's non-participation in this election is going to affect Wisconsin's Democrats in November. He concentrated on his own fund raising and refused to campaign in the state or get involved beyond a last minute tweet, and the DNC under Obama's control likewise refused to fund what they correctly considered a losing effort.While they may make the appropriate noises, how hard do you think Wisconsin's Democrats are going to work to get Obama re-elected? The president would have been far better being a bit less selfless and showing up..but that's not how he rolls.

  • The media is maintaining a studied silence over the numerous death threats that Scott Walker has received since the election results. The same thing was going on during the campaign. If Democrat Tom Barrett was getting the same threats, it would be front page news, but it's deliberately being swept under the rug because of fears it might injure the Cause.

  • There's a great deal of talk about how Wisconsin only matters locally. Actually, this is the beginning of a tsunami. Here in California - California!- two cities, San Diego and San Jose voted to sharply curb their public employee unions pay,benefits and collective bargaining rights. While it's nowhere near the reforms that were enacted statewide in Wisconsin, for California, it's simply amazing, especially in a deep blue Bay Area city like San Jose.

    Look for other municipalities, counties and states to pass similar legislation.And that's going to affect the Democrats nationwide.

    For instance, in Wisconsin, membership and dues in public employee unions have plummeted simply because the state decided that they were not going to be in the business of collecting the union's money for them. This gives you a good idea of exactly how much the public employee unions relied on coercion to keep up their end of what amounted to a Ponzi scheme to fund the Democrats at the taxpayer's expense. Just imagine that effect repeated nationwide.

  • To me, this isn't a matter of 'hating labor'. Private unions, can, as they once did, have a major part to play in bringing manufacturing back to America and providing good paying blue collar jobs and its simple justice that they should be able to negotiate with their employers for the benefit of their members. But the public employee unions are a different matter entirely.The sleazy alliance between radical unions like the SEIU and 'progressive' Democrats element of government coercion that forces taxpayers to support them regardless of their own political beliefs or even basic fiscal sanity has proven to be a recipe for disaster .

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