Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hamas And Fatah Meet In Egypt, Agree To Implement Unity Agreement

נפגשו "באווירה חיובית". אבו מאזן ומשעל. ארכיון (צילום: EPA)

Ah, these wonderful mob sitdowns.

Reuters is reporting that Fatah's capo del tutti de Ramallah Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas Politburo chief Khalid Masha'al met in Cairo under the auspices of Egypt's Islamist president Mohammed Morsi and agreed to implement the unity agreement Hamas and Fatah signed in 2011.

In spite of what the linked article says, the disagreement between Fatah and Hamas is not as much about tactics as much as it is about turf and money.

After Hamas won a 72% majority in the last parliamentary elections the Palestinians were allowed to have, Abbas, with the backing of President Bush and the U.S. refused to seat their candidates and tried unsuccessfully to take over in Gaza and eleiminate Hamas.

Hamas, understandably wanted th eunelected dictator Abbas gone, along with hated Fatah apparatchniks like unelected 'Palestinian' PM Selim Fayaad. Abbas, whose chief stock in trade is his ability to appear relatively human in a suit and say things out of one side of his mouth that gullible western donors want to hear wasn't going to go anywhere, and wanted Hamas to subordinate themselves to him.

Once Abbas began kicking back some of the aid baksheesh to Hamas (but never as much as Hamas wanted) the two sides gradually got a bit closer out of mutual need. Hamas needed money and a con man like Abbas to continue to get it for them and provide an aura of respectability to a bunch of unrepentant terrorists. Abbas neede credibility as leader of all of 'Palestine'.

AT this point Abbas, who's getting on in years, is looking to retire with the money he, his sons and the rest of the Fatah old Guard have stolen and put away, and he knows Hamas will take over the Arab Occupied areas of Judea and Samaria anyway once he's out of the picture. Now, he needs someone to take over and ensure a smooth transition and exit.

The Israelis of course are no fools and understand that a unity agreement between the PLO and the genocidal Hamas pretty much spells the end of the so-called peace process. There's no way you can make peace with someone whose religiously based default position is your death and destruction.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before the UN decided to name 'Palestine'. half kleptocracy and half terrorist summer camp a state. I can already tell you the ending to this story.

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