Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Iranians Evacuate City Located Near Nuclear Site

 Key nuclear sites map

The Mullahs have ordered the 1.5 million population of Isfahan to flee from the city because pollution has now reached emergency levels. At least that's their story.

Isfahan is also the site of one of Iran major uranium conversion sites, where yellow cake is processed to make Hexafluoride gas used in gas centrifuges. It also processes uranium oxide (which can be used to fuel reactors of a different type than the ones Iran has or to not the type Iran is constructing or to separate out plutonium for nuclear weapons using a fairly easy chemical process) and metal, mostly used in the cores of nuclear bombs.

And there have been previous reports that the nuclear facility has been leaking radioactive material.

There was also an unexplained explosion at the plant in 2011 that was reported to have done damage to the Isfahahn facility.Since no IAEA inspectors have been allowed in, there's no guarantee as to how safe the plant is or what precautions have been taken. Remember Chernobyl?

Of course, there's also the possibility of sabotage.

In any event, Iran's regime is not noted for honesty either to its people or the outside worlds, and I doubt they would go to the trouble and expense of evacuating a large city unless something fairly bad had happened.

Isfahan has always been a nuclear accident waiting to happen anyway. Aside from every thing else, the plant sits on an active earthquake fault line, one that has destroyed the city of Isfahan something like half a dozen times ion recorded history.


UCSPanther said...

Sounds like the Iranians are learning that if you play with Nuclear fire, you will get irradiated...


Joshua Pundit is normally a VERY reliable source of info but thus far I have found no concrete evidence to verify the above release.

Rob said...

Hello Danny,
Well, let's see.

The Iranians are definitely telling people to evacuate Isfahan.They admit it openly.The BBC reported on the matter.

Their excuse is high levels of pollution, which seems kind of dodgy to me when you're talking about evacuating 1.5 million people. Especially when you're talking about a city next to a major nuclear site that had an incident not to long ago that damaged the facility and there are previous reports that the plant was leaking radioactive material...

You can believe the Mullahs if you wish, but I have a feeling that given their usual level of veracity, the previous damage to the plant and the logistics and expense of evacuating that many folks, something MIGHT just have happened.I think the odds are that it did.

That's how I presented it.

BTW, thanks for the compliment. I do definitely try to be reliable and connect the dots. I don't write anything that isn't sourced unless I clearly identify it as speculation or it's from one of my lil' Birdies, an anonymous source with a good track record in position to know what they're talking about.

Best For the New Year,

Unknown said...

Israel news talk network is covering the story as well.

Anonymous said...

"Pollution" that what they call a massive radiation leak in Iran?

GW said...

If it is a bad enough radiation leak to evacuate the city, we should be picking up traces of increased radiation world wide in the next few weeks. That is how Chernobyl was found out.