Sunday, January 27, 2013

More on The Iranian Fordow Nuclear Explosion


Word is slowly leaking out about the Fordow explosion in Iran. It definitely appears that something occurred.

Die Welt (link in German only) is reporting that their sources say 190 people ( rather than 240 as originally reported) were trapped underground by what appears to be a major explosion, and that all roads were closed between Qom (Fordow is located outside Qom) and Tehran for at least a day after the explosion is reported to have occurred.The explosion itself shook buildings and broke windows within a 3 mile (5 kilometer) radius. Afterwards, the Iranians instituted a strict cordon of 15 miles (25 kilometers) around the area of the plant. I've been able to verify myself that the cordon actually occurred.

Die Welt's
sources say the explosion reportedly destroyed two elevators and buried the lower chambers in rubble, and rescue teams have been unable to penetrate thus far, almost a week after the explosion is said to have occurred.

Significantly, President Ahmadinejad held an emergency meeting the day after the incident occurred with Iranian security chiefs, the head of Iran's Energy Agency and other officials. I have a feeling they weren't talking about sports scores.

One interesting hint from one of my Little Birdies...apparently Israeli Home Front Minister and former Shin Bet director Avi Dichter was asked about this by a member of the Israeli press  and merely shrugged and said  "Any explosion in Iran that doesn’t hurt people but hurts its assets is welcome.”

The hint I was given is that according to my source, certain circles among  Israel's security personnel found his dead pan demeanor and his reply hysterically funny and the punchline for a number of inside jokes.

You can read into that whatever you wish to, but if this was sabotage, it was an incredible operation and a  major achievement.


UCSPanther said...

How's that nuke project coming along now, Iran?

Reaganite Independent said...

The Iranians are hughly outclassed in this underground war- and it shows, the Mossad are running circles around them

Anonymous said...

Probably another Iranian intelligence training gone wrong: