Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama's Gun Grab: Liberty In The Crosshairs


President Obama revealed his plans to subvert the Second Amendment by executive order today in a speech about gun control.

The emphasis, of course, was on executive orders he can implement unilaterally without bothering to go through Congress.Why seek the consent of the governed? Who cares?

Particularly ghoulish was the president's use of innocent children as a prop. These children reportedly were selected out of a number of kids who wrote letters to the White House on gun control, or to use the new Leftist talking point, 'gun violence'. There isn't a doubt in my mind that many of these children received an explicit order to write these letters to the president from their personal in-house teacher's union member. I'm only surprised they weren't taught a Song of Praise to sing for our Dear Leader.

Not only that,but it is sickening to hear this president  go on about 'our precious children' when he's a huge fan not only of abortion on demand but a vociferous,outspoken advocate of actual infanticide.

And speaking of children, the president's diktats are unique in that while waving the bloody shirt of Sandy Hook over his head, not one of the executive orders he intends to implement would have prevented the tragedy.For that matter, none of them will have the least effect on curbing crime committed using firearms.If measures like these actually worked, Chicago would have the lowest homicide rate in the country.

The complete list is at the first link above, but to summarize:

  • The president intends to unilaterally reinstate the ban that expired in 2004 on what the Left likes to refer to as 'assault weapons' ( probably best defined by them as 'any gun that looks vaguely military')and what he referred to as high capacity magazines. This is another vague term that can be defined according to whom you ask. If you're New York Governor Chris Cuomo,who just signed a ridiculous gun control measure into law, it means 7 bullets, and if you're caught defending your life and property with eight, it's a felony. You had better pray that if you are attacked, it won't be by more than one assailant at a time, as this 15-year-old and his sister were.

  • The president plans a thoroughly invasive violation of the Fourth Amendment, destroying any right to privacy, including mandating under ObamaCare that your private physician inquire about whether you have guns in your home. In Obama's Brave New America, the feds in the person of the Attorney General will define and decide who's characterized as mentally ill and unfit to own a firearm, and will require that names, addresses and personal information be part of a national data base. Look for anyone,particularly a veteran 'crazy' enough to vote Republican or be affiliated with the Tea Party or other conservative causes to have their right of self -defense revoked permanently...which will of course stop a lot of law abiding people from seeking treatment.

    And of course, if that database is hacked, or if someone with access to the system is bribed, criminals will have perfect knowledge of who has what and can plan whose house to hit either to steal weapons and ammo or other crimes accordingly. For that matter, should the Feds later want to confiscate all privately owned firearms, their task is going to be infinitely easier.

  • The president wants all federally licensed gun dealers to run full background checks for private sellers as well as buyers, and the police to run full background checks on the owner of any gun confiscated for any reason. In other words, if your home is burglarized, a firearm of yours is stolen and then held by the police as evidence,this president wants the police to run a full background check on you even though you're innocent of any wrongdoing.

  • And of course, all this is going to have a price tag, at least $4.5 billion in new spending and almost certainly more.

    I have to give this president credit of a sort for really reaching for the maximum effect on this one. Not only is he attempting to subvert the Second Amendment, but the First, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth!

    This trampling of the Constitution by our president was not without its unintentional moments of levity.

    Here's one excerpt from President Obama's speech today that was particularly funny:

    And finally, Congress needs to help, rather than hinder, law enforcement as it does its job. We should get tougher on people who buy guns with the express purpose of turning around and selling them to criminals. And we should severely punish anybody who helps them do this.

    Let's see...does anyone remember Fast and Furious, when the ATF pressured gun store owners to sell to straw buyers whom the ATF knew were going to sell them to Mexican drug cartels? And how the Obama Administration and Attorney General Eric Holder deliberately stonewalled Congress' attempt to get to the bottom of it by subpoenaing documents and hearing testimony? Is this president planning to 'severely punish' AG Holder and himself for hindering law enforcement by preventing people from testifying, deliberately misrepresenting what occurred and putting all those documents Congress subpoenaed under executive privilege to hide what happened?

    Over 300 people lost their lives because those guns were illegally smuggled across the border, and the last time I checked none of the people involved in transporting them had been punished in the least, especially the ones at the top who gave the orders and then attempted a coverup.

    I also found the president's vacuous statement that if we can save even one life with the measures he proposes, we should do it. Using that kind of logic, we ought to restrict people from owning their own automobiles because some people drive drunk.

    The president made some of the expected pro forma remarks about how he respects the Second Amendment, and that people should trust that he's not out to disarm them. He probably isn't, just now. That will come later, after the new database he's planning is complete.

    In another wonderful moment of clarity, CBS talking head Bob Schieffer equated gun owners to the Nazis and President Obama's latest trampling of our Constitution to the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    This ridiculous, over the top hack is the sort of 'journalist' the Dinosaur media expects us to view as a competent, unbiased choice to fairly moderate a presidential debate.

    I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

    Today, as our president likes to say, is a teachable moment. We have here in front of us a blatant attempt to hijack those G-d given rights the Founders spoke of, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They were willing to risk, in those words that have come down to us from history, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to obtain those rights. And as they found out, some people were willing to stand with them and a surprising amount of others were not.

    Do we, as a nation still value those rights? What are we willing to risk to stand up for them?

    Will we see massive civil disobedience to tyranny, which is what this is, or sullen compliance?

    I have a feeling we're about to find out.


    Anonymous said...

    Lies about Gun-control, Truth about the Racist Right!

    It's about time I threw my hat in this disuccion.

    It is proven beyond doubt ANYONE who hates Barack Obama is a racist!

    Can Barack Obama be impeached for the numerous impeachable offenses he's committed? He has not committed any, so no

    Is Barack Obama a fraud? No
    Is Barack Obama a dictator? No, he was elected as president
    Does Barack Obama hate America? No

    Is Barack Obama a narcissist? No
    Is Barack Obama an evil man? No
    Is Barack Obama a traitor? No
    Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? No
    Does Barack Obama hate White people? No
    Is Barack Obama a Marxist? No
    Is Barack Obama a communist? No
    Is Barack Obama a pathological liar? No
    Is Barack Obama a Muslim? No

    You racists hypocrites call Obama "shameless" for "using children" to fix gun laws? Here's a doozy, WHEN DID PLANNING TO BAN CERTAIN GUNS EQUALS "GUN GRAB"!

    In 2006, President Bush issued his first veto to block stem cell research legislation that had easily passed the Republican-controlled Senate and House. In front of several families and their "snowflake" children (so named because they "were born from "adopted" frozen embryos that had been left unused at fertility clinics), Bush explained why the other 400,000 embryos would have to stay on ice.

    They’re not taking anything away, census pollers aren’t gonna start confiscating your guns. They’re making it harder for whackos to buy them and getting the completely unnecessary military grade weapons out of civilian reach. Quite frankly, if you vitriolic, conspiracy theorists are the ones so pissed off about all this….I’m *GLAD* President Obama is making changes. I want the right to own a gun, absolutely….but stockpile arsenals is idiotic…of the government is really out to get you, your guns won’t do a bit of good, and neither will your precious constitution.

    The world applauds Obama for being the first President in god-knows-when to actually take practical measures in reducing America’s appalling gun violence problems, as well as showing some balls in standing up to the gun industry/lobby and it’s army of deluded devotees.

    Obama has not exploited anyone is the recent gun control discussion. He has used the Sandy Creek event as an example.

    A problem is congress and the fact that they can be bought by a lobby or association.

    A common sense approach would be to bring everyone together and go through the pros and cons in a step by step fashion…Agreement achieved at each step.

    Extremist views and outliers like some of the leads in the NRA have derailed this type of approach with a disregard for other views.

    comparing him Hitler, Mao, or Stalin is a bit much and is hyperbolic. Frankly it’s just ignorant.

    Obama is not trying to destroy America!

    A fraud? A usurper? He is the legitimately elected President. His birth has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, both through document and newspaper evidence, and as his mother was an American citizen that challenge is moot to begin with.

    As for election fraud, not one shred of evidence has been offered to suggest this either. Quite the opposite in fact, with Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics.

    you constantly roll out photos of dead children killed by drones that were ordered by Obama to kill, but since most of you guys support killing little brown Muslim babies, and soon little black Muslim babies and children in Africa that would be pointless.

    When they finally realize that they are not winning a particular argument or issue; when they see finally that people just simply do not accept or believe their continual myth-making, and are prepared to ignore, if not punish them for their continued irrationality – they resort to personal calling our President, the Commander in chief rude, fabricated and juvenile names..

    That's how the racist right works, and that's how there are ALWAYS gonna work!

    UCSPanther said...

    Nice generalization, Anon. The fact that you took the time to shab together a long rant shows how much of an Obama personality cultist you are and your disdain of the first amendment.

    Obviously, no one told you that every time you play the race card, it loses effectiveness.

    Leaders have been criticized since the beginning of time. The only difference is that under British common law, of which American law is based upon, we CAN criticize our leaders without fear of reprisals. This is not Russia, China or North Korea. Obama is not immune to criticism like you want him to be.

    Tantric Logic said...

    Nurse...go ahead and give anonymous 25 mgs of Valium to calm him down.

    We'll administer the Lithium one the Valium kicks in. There may yet be hope of restoring his sanity.

    louielouie said...

    They’re making it harder for whackos to buy them and getting the completely unnecessary military grade weapons out of civilian reach.

    now that is a doozy.
    full auto weapons have been illegal in this country for 27 years. the ones you idiots refer to as assault weapons are illegal.
    which at this point begs the question, what exactly are you referring to? you don't even know do you?
    this type of weapon:

    has been illegal for public sale for the past 27 years. this was made law by the passage of public law 99-308, signed may 19, 1986 by president reagan.
    it is mfg. for military/gov't agency procurement.
    not for public sale.
    if you want to buy one, you are going to be squeaky clean and you will wait years for approval.
    you anon, prove time and again what a liar you and your ilk are.
    which is why i didn't want you to go away.
    if you want to make it more difficult for the whackos to get this type of gun, why did you not go into cabrini green back then?
    why do you not now go to south central LA?
    go there. take their guns. then i will gladly give you mine.
    answer me this, if it is in your talking points:
    why do you dismiss the violence, around the world, in the name of the so-called religion of peace as being perpetrated by a few miscreants, when one deranged person, can kill his own mother, steal her gun and kill a bunch of kids, and that person represents every gun owner in what's left of the US?
    why is hussein turning his campaign apparatus into an attack dog to be sent against the NRA, according to cutter?
    why does holder want to brainwash, his word, his own word, our kids?
    what you want to do is use law to punish those of which you disagree politically.
    that is called usurpation.
    congratulations are in order though, for your side. gov. cuomo and his legislation just made every policeman of every stripe, in the state of new york, a criminal. job well done, dumm mass.

    louielouie said...

    i do want to clarify something from my previous comment.
    this is legal vs. illegal.
    after the nat'l firearms act of 1934, there has been exactly one murder committed, in the US, using a legally obtained full auto fire/selective fire weapon.
    a police officer used his dept. issued M11 to assassinate an informant.
    get the guns away from the whackos!!!
    i so desparately want anon to prove me wrong on this.
    and fast and furious is non-sense.

    Sara Noble said...

    Anon is a little coward sitting in a basement hiding behind a computer.

    When the opposition has no argument, they label everyone who disagrees a racist - there is no better way to shut down opposition than to make it painful to stand up for one's beliefs.

    Obama is most definitely going for the Second Amendment. One thing he plans to do is regulate ammo. Then there is that ATT. He might not mind us all having a gun with one bullet but he does want to erode the Second Amendment.

    He's a control freak!!!