Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kerry Starts His Confirmation Process

Senator John Kerry started his confirmation process today speaking before the Senate. He pledged as Secretary of State to 'implement President Obama's vision for the world' . Rather odd to me to see the word 'honorable' next to the name of a man whose chief accomplishments involve arguably committing de facto treason against hi sown country during war time, lying to Congress in the Winter Soldiers hearings, marrying rich women, and shilling for the likes of Syria's Basher Assad. But I guess that only proves the truth of Sir John Harrington's famous couplet on the matter.

"President Obama and everyone here knows that American foreign policy is not defined by drones and deployments alone," Kerry said.

"American foreign policy is also defined by food security and energy security, humanitarian assistance, the fight against disease and the push for development, as much as it is by any single counter terrorism initiative," he added.

Translation? Like President Obama and the other two national security nominees Chuck Hagel and John Brennan, Kerry really, really likes Islamists and figures we can bribe them to leave us alone by throwing lots of foreign aid and military goodies at them while creating 'daylight' between America and Israel, to use President Obama's words.

Like the president and his two co-nominees, he also isn't overly concerned about a nuclear Iran..after all, they just need peace, love and understanding.

There's no doubt in my mind he'll be confirmed. So will Hagel and Brennan.

And th emess they leave will remain to be cleaned up later.

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B.Poster said...

I tend to agree Mr. Hagel and Mr. Brenan as well as anyone else Mr. Obama wants will be confirmed. Just who cleans up the mess later? If the same policies are continued, there is absolutely no chance the nation can survive. Either it will be over thrown by its foreign enemies and the few Americans who are left living will be sold into slavery or some of the states will secede from the union and try to band together in order to survive and hopefully prosper.

Furthermore even if the policies are changed right now the damage done under the Bush and Obama Administrations is likely simply to great to fix without serious pain if at all. The US government should likely focus on the following at this point.

1.)Mainain the nuclear deterent. US conventional forces are no match for and would be easily routed by the major world powers of Russia, China, and likely up and coming powers like India. As such, a robust nuclear arsenal gives us a fighting chance to defend the nation.

2.)In the wake of the economic collapse that is likely imminent and probably cannot be prevented at this point, focus on preventing mass starvation where and when possible. At least by having a plan in case, we are as prepared as we can be if and when the collapse does occurr. If we can avoid it, then all the better!!

3.)Undertake steep cuts in government spending and cap the debt by adding no more to it. Government bought goods and services should be on a "pay as you go" basis. When one is in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging!!

4.)Streamline the regulatory environment and eliminate unnecessary regulations. No business owner can possibly keep track of every regulation they are supposed to comply with nor can they afford to pay the legal personnel to tell them what they need to comply with!! Even if they could, there's no way to afford to pay all of the compliance personnel necessary to comply with all of these regulations. The goods and services would be so expensive no one could afford them!! At a minimum, all regulations and regulatory agencies need to undergo a rigorous cost benefit analysis. Many of them will simply have to be cut and streamlined. This way we have a fighting chance to grow our economy and maybe make head way on paying off the national debt.

5.) Work to keep the country together as a union. This gives us a much better chance to resist foreign enemies than if we are divided. Wtih that said some of the better managed states cannot afford to remain connected to a national government that is pursuing the policies the current national government expecially POTUS is pursuing. When part of a body is infected, certain parts are sometimes amputated in order to save other parts. Hopefully it won't come to secession but it very well may.

In summary, in order for the mess they leave to be cleaned up later, the nation must actually survive this situation. As long as the current policies are continued, and those polices are embodied by Mr. Hagel and Mr. Brennnan there is simply no way the nation can survive. Either it gets conquered by its enemies or some of its member states are forced to secede from it. While its unlikely that I'm wrong, hopefully I am. God help us all.

The Russians, Chinese, Indians, and other major world powers are no grateful that the problems their nations face are nowhere near as severe as those faced by America and they have to find it humorous beyond belief that their enemy insists on continuing the same policies that cause the problems in the first place!! Its as though a sizeable portion of the American people have gone stark raving mad.