Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elvis


louielouie said...

you've heard stories like this before.
a group of older kids corner elvis, while in the seventh grade, in the bathroom at school. their intent was to beat the shit out of him because the girls thought him such a pretty boy.
a guy who currently comes into my store, ed, is the nephew of a guy, then a kid, who was in another group of kids who stepped in and stopped it.
odd, years later a brand new car, fresh off the show room floor, showed up in his uncle's driveway every christmas morning.
odd, same thing happened to other, kids, of that same second group.
and yes, the uncle had to start giving away the cars to relatives.
when ed turned 16, he got one.

Rob said...

Sounds like Elvis.

BTW Louie, you knew that he likely was halachically Jewish, right?

In Judaism, that status is derived through the mother. Gladys Smith's mother, Octavia Luvenia "Doll" Mansell was reportedly Jewish, which meant according to Jewish law so was Gladys and her son, Elvis.

They might have been aware of this connection. Lots of people noticed that Elvis wore a Mogen Dovid (Jewish Star) around his neck a lot of the time, especially towards the latter part of his life and both he and the Colonel donated large sums to Israel and to Jewish charities.

When Gladys Presley died, Elvis had Jewish stars engraved on her tombstone.(I saw this at Graceland). They were only removed by the Presley family after Elvis' death.

louielouie said...

no, i didn't.

They were only removed by the Presley family after Elvis' death.

why on earth would they do that?

Rob said...

Dunno.If you remember, Priscilla and Elvis didn't have the happiest of endings..or maybe the family just didn't want it known there was Jewish ancestry in the family.

Maybe it's just a silly rumor or somebody's pulling my leg,But I've heard from time to time that there are people out there that really dislike Jews for some reason or other.

Go figure!

All Good Things,