Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Proof The Germans Are Smarter About Egypt And Islamists Than Obama - Morsi Goes Home Empty Handed

 Morsi Meets Merkel: Visit Dashes Hopes for Quick Aid

As you may remember, aside from empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover of Egypt, the Obama Administration is actually funding the party, continuing Egypt's $1.5 billion in military aid, (which the Egyptian military uses in part to fund the civilian businesses it owns) gifting Egypt over $1 billion in debt forgiveness and lobbying the IMF on Egypt's behalf to grant the Islamist government a badly needed loan.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi's remarks that have recently surfaced referring to Jews as 'the descendants of apes and pigs' along with a few other choice epithets haven't fazed the Obama Administration one bit, although there are still members of Congress putting as hold on a shipment of F-16s and Abrams tanks the Obama Administration wants to send Morsi's way.

Not so in Germany.

Morsi went there seeking direct aid from Germany, as well as $324 million in debt forgiveness. The German response ? Nein, although Chancellor Merkel, practical hausfrau that she is at heart,  did give him some advice on fixing Egypt's problems:

 "What matters now is that the work that needs be done, gets done," she said. Against the backdrop of turmoil in Egypt, the chancellor told Morsi that sturdy economic development contributed to political stability.

The Germans, for reasons that can be easily imagined are extraordinarily sensitive to manifestations of Jew hatred that recall the bad old days, and Morsi's rants guaranteed him a frosty reception in Germany.

Morsi, for his part, claims the remarks were taken out of context, a pretty obvious lie since  his  remarks were videotaped, happened on multiple occasions and we're talking about a direct Qu'ran quotation. What was good enough for President Obama and Secretary Clinton simply didn't fly with the Germans. As a matter of fact, Germany recently declared a new travel warning, advising Germans to stay away from the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo, one of the most popular tourist sites in the country. Or at least, it used to be.

Chancellor Merkel also advised Morsi to work more closely with the Egyptian opposition to make the country more democratic and to modify the Islamist 'constitution' to guarantee more protection for civil liberties and more rights for non-Muslims and women.

I doubt that will happen, particularly if one of Morsi's long time associates who left the Brotherhood is right about whom Morsi really is.

The Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of using deception to fool its enemies.

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Money Jihad said...

The U.S. should take a page from Merkel's book, cancel the its aid & debt forgiveness, and give Morsi a DVD of Obama's "best" speeches.

Because, don't you know, that's the type of treatment reserved for our very best allies.