Friday, January 25, 2013

Major Explosion In Key Iranian Nuclear Site

There are a number of rumors floating around about a major explosion that took place Monday in the Iranian nuclear facility of Fordow,destroying key parts of the installation and trapping 240 personnel underground.

The only publication to go public with this is World Net Daily, who is something of a suspect source but who claims that the information was supplied to them by Iranian defector Reza Kahlili, who has his own contacts in Iran and has been right about some of these things before.

None of my sources have conformed this yet independently, and as you might imagine, the Iranian press isn't saying anything.

Fordow is a major Iranian center, largely underground and used by Iran to enrich uranium for their illegal nuclear weapons program with 2,700 P3 centrifuges busily at work.A 'work accident' there would be a huge setback to Iran's nuclear weapons program.

I've sent out a number of messages to some of my notorious Little Birdies, and will have more on this for you if they have anything interesting to say.

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