Friday, January 11, 2013

Looks Like Chuck Hagel Has An Armenian Problem As Well As A Jewish One

Or to put it more accurately, he's simply pro-Islamist at all times, when it's the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas or or the Islamist government of Turkey.

Turns out that Senator Hagel opposed a 2005 congressional resolution recognizing Turkey’s genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915. the direct precursor to the Holocaust, cited by Hitler himself as a model at the Wannsee Conference in 1942 when the Final Solution for Europe's Jews was decided on.

How 'bout that?

The genocide of the Armenians was planned and executed by the Turkish government of that time at the highest levels, but unlike the Germans, the Turks, cynically, have yet to admit it happened.They've taken genocide denial to new heights.

Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard quotes Hagel at the time:

“What happened in 1915 happened in 1915,” Hagel said during a 2005 trip to Armenia when he was serving in the Senate. “As one United States senator, I think the better way to deal with this is to leave it open to historians and others to decide what happened and why.”

“The fact is that this region needs to move forward,” Hagel continued. “We need to find a lasting, just peace between Turkey and Armenia and the other nations of this region. I am not sure that by going back and dealing with that in some way that causes one side or the other to be put in difficult spot, helps move the peace process forward.”

Move along, nothing to see if real 'peace' and any kind of reconciliation is possible when one side refuses to admit that there's anything to reconcile or address about the past in the first place!

I wonder...does Senator Hagel feel the same way about the Holocaust of the Jews? it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he did.

Nor would it surprise me if he was just as blase' about a modern Holocaust of Jews in Israel at the hands of his Islamist friends.

It's an embarrassment to America and a smear on this president's already besmirched character that someone like this would even be considered for a cabinet post.

It's an embarrassment that President Obama even put his name forward...and even worse, I see it likely he will be confirmed by the Democrat dominated Senate.

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