Monday, February 18, 2013

Bill Maher; "Yeah Hagel's Right - The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government"

Way to push the old 'Protocols of Zion' dual loyalty slander, Bill. Hitler and Stalin would certainly agree with you.

If the Israelis actually were controlling our government, the U.S. embassy would be in Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv, there wouldn't be any garbage about places in Judea and Samaria where Jews are supposedly not allowed to live, we wouldn't be giving a dime to Hamas or Arafat II in Ramallah, and Iran's illegal nuclear program would have been a thing of the past long ago.

This hateful man - if you could call him that - is certainly entitled to push any crackpot anti-semitic nonsense he chooses on his putrid little program. I'm sure it's not the first time. And you know what? Here's yet another huge donor/close associate of President Obama's who, just like Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and Chuck Hagel appears to have 'a Jewish problem'.

And spare me the cute little riposte that Maher's Jewish. He's an atheist who left any semblance of Judaism behind years ago and embraced his new religion, Leftism.

Yes, a real piece of work.

(h/t, Carl)


Anonymous said...

Hey look!

Obama's getting a medal!

Rob said...

Boy this gets easier and easier.

First of all, we're talking about Bill Maher, yet another of President Obama's associates with Israel Derangement Syndrome.Obama's medal has zip to do with it, although his refusal to give back the money and/or repudiate Maher says something.

Second, tell me Bubba...if George Bush or any other Republican had lots of close friends, heavy donors and associates with history in the KKK, WAR or other white supremist groups, would the Left hang back from saying he was anti-black, maybe even a ra-aaa-cist? They'd be on it lies flies on fresh dog crap.

And third, what better way to cater to President Obama's outsize ego than by giving him a medal? You expect them to throw rocks at him?

Fourth, reading comprehension time. Let's look at the fourth para in this al-Guardian article you link to:

"Peres and the committee behind the award noted Obama's overall friendship and backing of the Iron Dome missile defence system. Obama's visit to Israel will be his first as president."

This medal's being doled out from the office of Israeli president Shimon Peres, a career Lefty from the Labor Party who's been proven wrong on nearly every public question he's been involved with, starting with Oslo. Figures that he and the hand picked committee he heads would want to throw a medal Obama's way, no? Oh, and might I add that the office of President in Israel is a honorary one with no real power, always given to elderly political figures on the way out as a sort of good bye kiss?

Like I said, this gets easier and easier.

independent patriot said...

Rob you might also add that its good politics to give the President of the US Israel's highest honor and has nothing to do with whether Obama is good or bad for Israel. Also we need to remember that Obama gave Peres the Medal of freedom so he is also just returning it in kind.

The issue about Maher though is no, he is not Jewish (its paternal not maternal) he has Jewish forebears. That alone does not mean a person isn't an antisemite or wouldnt' help murder his fellow Jews. Just ask the Kapos like Soros, Code Pink's Madea Benjamin, ISM's Adam Shapiro plus the Nateuri Karta and Satmars of today.

Rob said...

Hello IS,
That explains a lot...might be a father thing if you get my drift.