Friday, February 22, 2013

EU Will Not Boycott A Palestinian Government That Includes Hamas


The Arab newspaper al-Hayat is reporting that according to a source they characterize as a high level European diplomat, the EU would not boycott a new Palestinian government that includes Hamas.

Hamas, by the way, is currently an official recognized terrorist group by both the EU, the U.S. and most of the rest of the civilized world:

On the political issue, the European official said France and the UK are waiting for the next US move which they will back once it happens, but will display their special peace proposal in case it will not happen.

He pointed out that the French-British proposal will be based on re-launching the peace process “on new bases and without preconditions”, adding the features of this proposal have not be finalized yet and dialogue over it is ongoing.

However, the European diplomat said that any kind of proposal necessitates that Palestinians unify their ranks, adding: “there won`t be a peace proposal to one part of the Palestinians without the other”.

He emphasized “the world is moving and Palestinians should form one government in the West Bank and the Gaza strip to be their reference in the next stage”.

Just this week Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh announced that the forming of a Palestinian unity government is dependent on non recognition of Israel.

According to Al Hayat the EU is also looking forward to play a political role in case the US role fails. Europe`s role will not be limited “only to financing and praying”, the diplomat said.

The same diplomat revealed that France is moving to hold a donors’ conference for the PA and that the EU will offer the PA an equal financial support to the one offered last year.

You have to wonder how many EU tax payers feel about their leaders shoving millions of Euros into a corrupt rathole like 'Palestine'.

Assuming this is an accurate reading of the mindset of the EU's governing class (and it probably is, especially in the UK, France, Spain, Ireland and Sweden), it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Having made Europe an increasingly difficult and dangerous place for Jews to live, they apparently plan to do as much as they can to repeat the process in Israel, even if it means collaborating with genocidal terrorists to do it. As I reported earlier, the EU has already signaled that it will not add Hezbollah, another entity with only genocidal intentions towards Jews to its official list of terrorist groups.

Not too different from how they behaved in the 1930's and 1940's, is it? The label on the bone in the cartoon above ought to be  'The Jews'.

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