Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Chuck Hagel: He Accuses India of Terrorist Attacks On Pakistan!

This is just too precious.

Apparently, Hagel doesn't just  have a problem with Israel, Jews and Armenians...he hates India too!

From the Free Beacon via  Simply Jews:

I think I like the presidential candidate for the post of US secretary of defense more and more. A man who is able to use metaphor so fluently... but judge for yourself:
The Embassy of India chided secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel late Monday for suggesting in a previously unreleased 2011 speech that India has “for many years” sponsored terrorist activities against Pakistan in Afghanistan.

“India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan” in Afghanistan, Hagel said during a 2011 address on Afghanistan at Oklahoma’s Cameron University, according to video of the speech obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

India experts also criticized Hagel’s remarks earlier Monday as “paranoid” and “over-the-top.”

“It’s both over-the-top and a sharp departure from a U.S. position that has seen democratic India as a stabilizing influence in Afghanistan and Asia more broadly,” Sadanand Dhume, former India bureau chief at the Far Eastern Economic Review and current resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told the Free Beacon.

“It’s also exactly the sort of statement that would have frayed ties with New Delhi, which has been watching the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan with concern,” Dhume said, referring to the administration’s plan to remove most military forces from the war-torn country in the coming months.

Apparently this ignoramus the president wants as SecDef never heard about Mumbai, New Delhi, or any of the dozens of terrorist attacks Pakistan-back ed terrorists like Lashkar e taiba have launched directly at India.

Forget what our clueless President wants - is the U.S. Senate prepared to confirm a pro-Islamist moron as Secretary of defense who has already taken a stand against two of the only major allies we have with a significant military?

Simply Jews illustrates that with an amusing and very much to th epoint story about th eMiddle East, b ut you'll have to click on the link to read it.

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