Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DHS Buys 'No Hesitation' Shooting Targets Depicting women, Children And The Elderly

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. Markets Children, Pregnant Women Targets to Law Enforcement Community

The Department of Homeland Security has spent over $2 million dollars buying some very interesting targets for their agents to practice their shooting skills on. They come from a company called Law Enforcement Targets inc and were apparently made to DHS order to deliberately desensitize their agents when it comes to firing in situations that they might otherwise hesitate on, thus the name 'no hesitation'. In the company's words, thee targets are “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”

The company has since dropped the images of the targets DHS purchased with your tax dollars from their website, but they're pictured above in a screenshot.

Let's see, we have here a pregnant woman in a nursery, a kid, a young woman, and a mother in a playground next to her kid, and grandma and there are also two pictures of aged males not shown here...all of them white, by the way, and somehow I doubt that was a coincidence.

Here’s the company's full list of target descriptions – spelling uncorrected from the original:

NMH-1 Non-traditional threat dipicting a hostile pregnant woman in a nursery.

NMH-2 Non-traditional threat target of an older man holding a shotgun.

NMH-3 Non-traditional threat dipicting a hostile older man in his home holding a shotgun.

NMH-4 Non-traditional threat dipicting a hostile older woman in her home.

NMH-5 Non-traditional threat dipicting a hostile young mother surrouonded by children on a playground.

NMH-6 Non-traditional threat dipicting a hostile school aged girl on street.

NMH-7 Non-traditional threat dipicting a very young boy holding a real gun.

Now, in speaking to most law enforcement officers of my acquaintance, while experience has taught to expect the unexpected and to be prepared for it, common sense has also taught them not to just splatter Granny, Grandpa or Mom all over the room unless there's no alternative...especially if there's a child whom might possibly be in the line of fire.

That is apparently what they're trying to train out of them with these 'no hesitation' targets.

And again, notice the average American look to these targets.That's apparently what's now considered a threat.

At least that's what DHS and apparently a number of law enforcement agencies believe, since that's how they're training their agents.

Maybe this is the new 'war on terror' ...and perhaps a good excuse for gun confiscation. Somehow, I wouldn't be at all surprised.Dictators love a disarmed populace.


louielouie said...

i use a non-traditional target.
it always get a chuckle from others at the range.

Anonymous said...

All the targets are white people.

Anonymous said...

All the targets are white people.
Isn't that interesting.

souzak99 said...

Just put a link to your article in an article that I've written for my own blog. Here it is if you're interested: http://souzak99.blogspot.com/2013/04/what-can-we-expect-from-martial-law.html

Anonymous said...

If there were African-American targets that would be "racist".
Even though Black on Black crime is around 90 percent. The targets are White Christian gun owners and veterans.