Monday, February 04, 2013

The Real Story On Obama's Shooting Picture

I have no plans to repro some of the genuinely funny photo shops of this one, but one thing's obvious to me and probably anyone else...contrary to his statements, the president has never shot skeet in his life and has rarely if ever fired a gun.

1) A skeet shooter would have his rifle or shotgun pointed up at least to a 45 degree angle when firing , so the president wasn't shooting skeet.

2) I guarantee you that assuming the smoke wasn't photo shopped,  President Obama would probably have ended up with  a nasty sore shoulder from the recoil, based on how he's holding his weapon.

3) The picture shows a smoke plume coming from the right side of the gun much too far back from the muzzle. No over/under sporting shotgun has a muzzle brake, and even if it did, the brake would not port gases as far back as this White House photo shows.

4) President Obama's form and method of holding the gun is totally unnatural, especially the position of his hand - on the barrel (?!!) . Here's how you actually hold a gun for skeet shooting:

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By the way, you don't actually fire at this level, Mr. President...this is the 'set' position and you swing the gun upwards when the clay target is released. Learn to shoot like a girl, sir. Here are a few more models to study from:


Finally, one more thing Mr. President. The Founders didn't create the Second Amendment so people would be free to shoot clay targets. They created it because they understood that people who can choose to be armed and defend their lives and property are free, and those whom aren't are slaves.

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UCSPanther said...

The reason for that photo is very obvious: It is to try and deflect criticism that Obama is out for our guns.

Unfortunately for him, we all know better.