Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TSA 'Pats Down' Sobbing 3-year-old Girl in Wheel Chair

This video is one that needs to go viral. It shows what we've come to in our efforts to be politically correct when it comes to Islam.

On February 9, the  TSA decided that  a 3-year old girl in a wheelchair was a likely  Islamic terrorist trying to attack an airplane.

Here's what happened::

In case you couldn’t bring yourself to watch this indisputable display of abuse — this disgusting mistreatment of a little girl and her family about which her mother and father comment “look at her all dressing like a potential terrorist/drug trafficker; people who roll in on hot pink wheelchairs, wearing a gingerbread coat and clutching a stuffed baby lamb, are just begging to be harassed” — let me itemize the violations and absurdities at hand (perhaps you can identify more; as a mother myself, I’m too upset by what I just watched to further research the laws, statutory and logical):
First, there is the obvious Fourth Amendment violation against unwarranted search and seizure. I don’t care what kind of pretzel logic the TSA twists itself into parroting in order to justify groping a three-year-old in a wheelchair who’s on her way to Disney World: it’s a violation of her Constitutional rights. Period. Full stop.
And this should not stand. Not in the country that calls itself the United States of America. Citizens and residents who accept otherwise should not only be ashamed of themselves, but should, in my opinion, be constantly, and in strenuous terms, be made aware that they’re engaging in a kind of treason against the very freedoms the nation’s founders established (and countless fought for and died to protect), and thus, by extension, debasing the idea of America itself.
Second, travelers are indeed permitted to photograph and/or videotape the so-called “screening procedure” (more accurately, security theatre), including aggressive pat-downs that would be defined as sexual assault in any other context and nude photography of their bodies. The only subject matter exempt from passengers’ freedom-to-document are the screening machines themselves. As shown in the above video, these TSA screeners try to claim otherwise and keep harping on their imagined rule that the passengers can’t record the incident, even as the parents ask them to cite the actual law pertaining thereto.
Third, the tactics here are insensitive and unkind on their face, as well as pointless. Not only is this little girl so obviously terrified to the point of crying out loud, and desperately upset that her comfort toy — her stuffed animal — is being taken away, she is distraught that her parents’ attempts to protect her are being summarily ignored. Imagine how frightening that must be. If indeed the child “alarmed,” the screeners could have resolved the matter by allowing one of the cleared parents to carry her through the metal detector in their arms while they checked her wheelchair for hidden bombs, machetes, or fusilage-piercing grenade launchers.
What we have here, of course is political correctness being enforced by unionized federal workers, with all that entails. The expensive scanners themselves,  which don't detect explosives hidden in body cavities and can be easily fooled by someone who knows what he's doing are another example of crony capitalism with the major supplier being a company majority owned by none other than George Soros.

And to add to the mix, TSA employees at many major airports are carefully trained (at our expense of course)  in Islamist friendly behavior by a Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

That's why the TSA employess are concentrating on a three-year-old girl in a wheel chair rather than male Muslims between eighteen and forty, especially those with origins in countries noted for exporting terrorism.

What this amounts to is a form of  jirzya, the monetary tribute paid by non-Muslims to Muslims for the privilege of living in peace.

If we were serious about airport security and eliminating  the risk of terrorism, we would be profiling the way the Israelis do before passengers even get to the terminal. Instead of the sort of unionized work force you'd find at the Post Office, your local DMV or other typical government offices that deal with the public, we'd junk those silly scanners and invest in highly trained and decently paid  professionals who've been trained what to look for and how to deal with it. And we'd have a 'no fly' list that might encompass entire countries instead of just a relatively short list of individuals whom are fully capable of getting false ID's anyway. We might even go so far as to curtail visas from certain countries unless there were very special circumstances.

But of course, we're not serious at all. There are presidential libraries to fund, university chairs to endow, campaign contributions to harvest, business to be done. Next to that, the terror of a three-year-old child, the waste of billions of taxpayer dollars or the frustration of millions of Americans is secondary to the powers that be by a long way.

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louielouie said...

Not in the country that calls itself the United States of America

well that's where me and this lady part ways.
the correct name of this country is the country formerly known as the united states of america.
if you doubt me, all you gotta do is read some of anon's comments here, realize there a 160 million others just like him/her, and there ya' go.
it doesn't hurt that we are in bush's fourth term either.