Sunday, February 10, 2013

CIA Nominee John Brennan Is Not Only Clueless, But A Convert To Islam

President Obama's pick to head the CIA became a Muslim convert while station head in Saudi Arabia and was 'turned' by elements of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That's the allegation ( among others) presented by John Guandolo, the former Marine officer and FBI agent who wrote FBI's first training manual for the FBI on the Muslim Brotherhood. He appeared today on Tom Trento South Florida Radio show to promote an article he's written on the matter.

I will tell you in advance that I have a number of problems with the commentary and some of the comments on this show. For one thing, the word 'treason' is tossed around very liberally, and that's factually incorrect since we the last time we were in a state of war as defined by the Constitution was in WWII.

I also need to add that as far as I'm concerned, if Brennan is in fact a Muslim that by itself doesn't disqualify him. Our Constitution explicitly denies any religious test to hold office. But his conduct while involved in our national security apparatus towards Islamists has been extremely questionable (to say the least), along with the fact that if he is a Muslim he's kept it a secret, something that would be very much in line with the Muslim practice of taquiyya, deceiving infidels to advance Islam.

In fairness, let me also say that Brennan was one of the possible choices named by President Obama to head the CIA in late 2008, but withdrew his name because of Democrat opposition to his service during the Bush Administration and statements he had made supporting enhanced interrogation and the practice of rendition (sending Islamist terrorists to to countries where they might be interrogated in ways not in accordance with U.S. Law). That doesn't really jibe with someone who was a 'closet Muslim' unless he actually was practicing taquiyya,perhaps by specific instructions.

However, Guandolo's allegations that Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia back in the mid-1990's (where he would have been converted to hard line Wahhabi Sunni Islam) would answer a great many questions about his professed attitudes towards Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood and some of his actions while working as President Obama's National Security Advisor and Assistant to the President.

That's actually my major problem with Brennan, that he fits with rest of the clueless trifecta of Secretary of State Kerry and proposed Secretary of Defense Hagel (not to mention our president) in believing that empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamism while creating what President Obama referred to as 'daylight' between the U.S. and Israel is the solution to our conflicts with the Muslim world.This is startlingly similar to what British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, American isolationists and the pro-Hitler 'Cliveden Set' were saying in the 1930's.

It would be interesting to have one of the senate committee members simply ask Brennan outright whether he converted and if so, whether he feels that would affect his ability to serve..and then bring Guandolo in as a witness if Brennan denies it.

Here is the entire segment with Guandolo. Make up your own minds:


JOURNALISM 101 said...

I have no idea if Brennan converted to Islam. Given the source, I highly doubt it.

But you need to know that you've done something highly unethical in your post. Your headline states that Brennan converted, but you state in your post that you don't know this for sure. This is exactly how right-wing misinformation spreads. People google Brennan, see your headline and believe it. I know that this is asking a lot, but could you please be decent and honest and alter your headline so as to not add another right-wing smear into the ether?

Anonymous said...

Nahhh, he's killed/tortured too many Muslims since the alleged conversion-maybe a crypto-jew, hasn't even pinched a Zionist.

Rob said...

What a cowardly, gutless little hypocrite you are.

You're all of a sudden concerned about decency and honesty and smears? After what the Obama media did to Sarah Palin? After the outright lies told about Mitt Romney? Remember Harry Reid saying Romney hadn't paid taxes in years? Where TF were you then? Where were you when Parvda-on-the-Hudson was releasing classified info that endangered our troops under fire?

Sitting in mommy's basement in front of your computer wacking off in joy and saying 'Right on!' that's where. It's never a 'smear' when the Left does it.

Notice something else, creep. I qualified this in the very beginning of the article, without any hedging...I didn't pull the standard lefty trick of putting the allegation and all of the evidence with cute adjectives and modifiers that make them seem the gospel truth in the very beginning two thirds of the article, with a few lines towards the end to hedge things...below the fold, as they say, where most people don't read.

And let's examine something else, Bubba..YOUR ISLAMOPHOBIA AND RACISM

If Brennan did in fact convert to Islam, how am I or anyone else 'smearing' him by mentioning it? As I mentioned in the article, our Constitution is pretty adamant that there's no test of faith for public office.

You're the one who considers naming someone as a Muslim a smear.

Why should I or anyone else cater to your bigotry?