Monday, February 04, 2013

John McCain Seals The Deal For Hagel To Be Made SecDef

Sen. John Mccain (left) and Chuck Hagel (right) are shown. | AP Photos

Yes, you have that right.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was making progress piecing together a bi-partisan coalition to filibuster the obviously unqualified Chuck Hagel's appointment as Secretary of defense when he ran into - who else- Senator John McCain:

“I do not believe that we should filibuster,” McCain told POLITICO. “To vote against is entirely the judgment of each individual senator, but a filibuster I think would be inappropriate.”

Asked if he would vote for cloture if a filibuster were mounted, McCain answered, “Yes.”

The White House and Democratic leadership are already confident that a solid majority exists for the Hagel to be confirmed on a simple majority vote. McCain’s opposition to a filibuster should make it easier to get the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture.

Senator McCain considers himself someone who is actually interested in America's defense, but that's absolutely impossible to square with this decision of his. The Democrats need 5 Republicans to vote for cloture to put Hagel's appointment to a simple majority vote, With McCain and Republican Senators Mike Johanns of Nebraska and Thad Cochran of Mississippi, they already have three.

I hope I'm wrong, but I stand by what I said when Hagel was first nominated...he was almost certain to be confirmed, along with John Brennan and John Kerry. So we're gong to wind up with a trifecta of appeasement oriented apparatchniks who support Islamists and like the president, figure that doing so along with creating daylight between America and Israel President Obama has spoken of wil but us peace and quiet.

Rest assured, it won't.

McCain ought to know better, but as I've said before he's a great American but a lousy and egotistical excuse for a Senator.

Committee vote on Hagel ought to come along around this Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but if they reject Hagel, Obama will just nominate someone else just as bad.

B.Poster said...

If he nominates someone equally bad, simply keep rejecting them until he's finally forced to get it right. Perhaps even go on offense. Instead of simply by making defensive moves such as rejecting unqualified candidates suggest more qualified candidates that he can pick from and actively lobby for these candidates through any media outlets even if non main stream, blogs, and any where else these more qualified candidates can be lobbied for.

Sara Noble said...

McCain never ceases to disappoint. Hagel doesn't even sound intelligent and he is going up against Ahmadinejad who is now forming an Axis of evil. Could there be a worse candidate?