Friday, November 15, 2013

An Awkward Hot Mic Moment At The UN - 'Gee, Maybe We Focus Too Much On Israel,You Think?'

Yet another embarrassing UN moment...but a rare moment of truth, showing that Israelis indeed the Jew among the nations. Today a total of nine, count 'em nine anti-Israel resolutions passed in the UN General Assembly today by wide margins.

OK, they're non-binding and essentially meaningless, but this sort of kabuki instead of real action on international issues is what the UN concentrates the vast majority of its US taxpayer funded time on. And one translator, not realizing her mic was still on actually questioned that starting at 1:58:

"I mean, I think when you have five statements, not five, like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there's gotta be something, c'est un peu trop, non? [It's a bit much, no?] I mean I know. ... There's other really bad sh*t happening, but no one says anything, about the other stuff," the translator says...and then there's a wave of uncomfortable, awkward laughter in the room.

The meeting's secretary quickly tried cover for it, saying, "I understand there was a problem with interpretation?"

After which the interpreter apologized for her unscripted aside.

Jew hatred and appeasement on clear display.

(h/t,Israel Hayom)


Jews get what they deserve said...

You wanna talk about a hot mic moment? The honorable Brian Hagee and David Reagan wants kikes like you dead. Hagee's a friend of yours, right? He's on the right track. 2/3 of all jews dead? Love it!

Rob said...

You know,ordinarily I wouldn't soil my site with this garbage, but in this case I think I will, as a teachable moment, and out of compassion.

This is why I moderate comments, BTW. My site is one of the few left that still allows anonymous comments, and this is a pretty good sample of what I typically flush, along with solicitations for porn, foreign dating sites, 'investments' in Nigeria, travel, etc. I may have to rethink this policy soon, as people like our friend above here try to ruin it for others.

Now let's look at what he's saying here. The link above goes to a video showing Pastor John Hagee (at least get someone's name right if you're going to slander them) discussing biblical prophecy openly along with another gentleman whose name I don't know.It's not a 'hot mic' moment in the least. Pastor Hagee talks about an interpretation of Revelations that says that Jews with flock to the actual messiah rather than the false Messiah, the anti-Christ, after being fooled by him. That certainly isn't too improbable if you look at the original sin of the Golden Calf, or how many Jews voted for Obama, our first truly anti-Israel president and someone who has done nothing but hang around open anti-Semites his entire life. And no,I don't think Obama is the Anti-Christ.

The other man says that as a result of they're havingbecome allies with the Anti-Christ, what he characterizes as a 'horrible holocaust' will occur, where 2/3 of the Jews die.

In no way, even by the biggest stretch, do Pastor Hagee or the other man ENDORSE such a thing, the way our friend above happily does.

Needless to say, this video is a highly edited snippet, put out by the far Left People For the American Way.

Pastor Hagee, who is a Christian Zionist, loves Israel and the Jewish people and has devoted his energies to helping both, with no ulterior motives except that he knows scripture and understands that this is what G-d wants him, as a Christian, to do.

People For The American Way, OTOH, are quasi-Marxists who are partially financed by anti-Semite George Soros, supported numerous causes like the anti-Semitic Sandanistas, supported the Oslo Accords which has led to thousands of dead Jews and support President Obama. And btw, PFTAW have a large contingent of leftist secular Jews whom belong, which sort of underlines a bit what Pastor Hagee was saying about a number of Jews, out of fear or ignorance, being willing to make deals with their enemies and call it a good thing.

Now, the compassion. What would prompt someone to post a comment like this, slandering a man of G-d whom never did him or her any harm, and applauding the idea of the murder of millions of people simply because they're Jews?

I can only pity someone like this, and see it as a cry for help by someone whom loathes what he or she has become. That, I understand. I urge this person to do some in depth self examination, perhaps with the aid of someone trained in helping people along that path.

He or she has my best wishes in starting that journey.

Anonymous said...

"People For The American Way are quasi-Marxists who are partially financed by anti-Semite George Soros"

still shooting the messenger, are we?

Rob said...

If that's all you got out of my reply to that comment 'anonymous' you more than make my point..

Truth can be painful when it exposes exactly how simply wrong you are, can't it?