Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pro-ObamaCare Ads Showcase The Left's War On Women

The Left unintentionally revealed the contempt they actually have for young, single women and men in a series of ads promoting ObamaCare, paid for by ProgressColorado and the White House funded Colorado Consumer Health Initiative.

'Susie and Nate' are described as 'hot to trot'. And there's 'Susie', waving a packet of birth control pills somebody else paid for while 'Nate' has his hands traveling toward Susie's southern hemisphere. And what's 'Susie' thinking, according to the ad?

"OMG, he's hot! Let's hope he's as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers."

This is exactly the kind of stereotype the Left has always used for women, gaming them that being 'independent' and 'sexually free' is a route to happiness. Ask most young woman you know in their late twenties or early thirties who bought into this say, five or 10 years ago how they feel about it now and you'll be surprised at the bitterness a lot of them express over the choices many of them made encouraged by exactly this kind of propaganda.

Just like the infamous Julia ads pushing ObamaCare, this is about discouraging women from marrying men and encouraging them to marry government.

By the way, these same Lefties have been screaming like wounded peahens for years (and with some justification) about men objectifying women in exactly this way, but appear to have no problem when it's the other way around. And 'Susie' obviously isn't involved in any thoughts typical of the female species in these situations about relationships or being valued for anything by 'Nate' except as a quick lay and sperm toilet.

It gets worse. Check out this next one, a shot of women indulging in a 'shot-ski', a group chugging of a bunch of booze held on a ski, which characterizes young women as binge drinkers and encourages the behavior:

"Get your shots. Shotskis keep us happy. Flu shots keep us healthy. Saving money on Flu shots gives us more money for fun shots. We got insurance. Now you can too."

Actually, if you're young and healthy and actually buy the high cost insurance offered (assuming you have a day or so to hang out waiting for the website to work), you're going to have a lot less money for partying, food, gas for your car, tuition, rent and other non-essentials. But hey, it's ObamaCare! Doncha wanna be young, hip and down with it?

You're quite correct in thinking that the Left considers its target market here pretty stupid as well, and they're relying on garbage like this to camouflage the carnage of thousands of people in Colorado and elsewhere losing their health insurance after the president lied and said they could keep it.

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