Saturday, November 23, 2013

Munich 2; Deal Reached On Iran's Nukes

Iran and the P5+1 have reportedly reached an agreement on Iran's illegal nuclear weapons program.

The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, announced early Sunday morning that an agreement has been reached between Iran and the group known as the P5+1.

France's Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, confirmed as well that a deal has been reached. Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, tweeted as well that "we have reached an agreement."

Details are sketch, possibly because some details still need to be worked out. But here's what's leaked out so far.

The agreement runs for six months, and reportedly Iran has agreed to freeze some of its nuclear activities in exchange for partial and limited relief of the sanctions. The reality of course is that the sanctions are pretty much history. Actually, President Obama has been relaxing the enforcement of sanctions for the past six months , and this is simply the final removal as countries rush in to trade with the Ayatollahs.

Under under the deal, Iran will be able to continue to enrich uranium to a level of  5%, but will not be allowed to add to its stockpile of its 20% enriched uranium. Even 5% enriched uranium is 60 % of the way there, by the way. The Iranians would also have to move some of its enriched material to a third country. The amount and the country remain unspecified (probably Russia), as does and verification process on whether any uranium was actually moved, to how much. If the P5+1 and John Kerry are relying on the Russians to do this, I think we can safely assume that this part of the deal is a joke.And probably a mechanism to boost President Obama's sagging approval rate here in America when he announces Peace in out Time. 

Especially since the Iranians have already received significant sanctions relief and a 3 month window to continue their illegal nuclear weapons program in exchange for absolutely nothing.

While President Obama in his remarks made a huge deal about how the sanctions could be revved up again,  both he and the Iranians know very well that there won't be any  return to the status quo.President Obama and the West have just decided to accept a nuclear armed Iran,

The Iranians, for their part, received some other interesting concessions. They get up to $7 billion in economic sanctions relief from unfreezing some of Iran's  assets. And they get the right to continue to enrich uranium. That's always been a red line for Iran, for obvious reasons. The Iranian line now it that while they're going to continue to insist on their right to enrich uranium, they don't insist on anyone else recognizing it!

Who knew the Iranians had such a sense of humor? Now that they're able to hang on to some of their 20% uranium, a nuclear breakout to get to weaponization is only a few weeks away. And the agreement says absolutely nothing about Iran halting research on ballistic missiles or nuclear triggers.

The Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader once again threatened what he referred to as "the Zionist Regime" with annihilation, saying Israel was "doomed to extinction" and that Zionists "cannot be called human."

As you might expect, not one of Israel's concerns was addressed in the slightest when it came to crafting this deal.

Naftali Bennett, Israel's economic minister, who heads the Bayit Yehudi party and is a member of the Israel's inner Security responded in an interesting way in an interview on Israeli TV , saying that if a deal leaves Iran with the ability to "break out" and produce nuclear weapons in a period of six weeks, "we will not be able to sit quietly." 

Well, the deal certainly leaves Iran with break out ability. And it's obvious that Israel is definitely on its own. This is a seminal, game changing event in U.S./Israeli relations.

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Aharon Fischman said...

Does the world not remember Chamberlain before world war 2, or is that not taught any more?

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the video clip on YouTube of Peter Cook & John Cleese - ''Peace in Our Time'' .....

Rob said...

I take it you mean this one:

Classic, I agree. I suppose all we can do at this point is keep our spirits up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's the video clip I was referring to, exactly like moron John Kerry back from Geneva.
I hope Netanyahu finds the courage to launch a military attack on Iran, that's the only sane option at this point.

let's bomb the muussslims! said...

a military attack on Iran, that's the only sane option at this point.

Yep, that sounds like normal right-wing nut job talk. Dick Cheney, is that you?