Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Democrat Senator Accidentally Busts Obama For 'Better Coverage' Lie

Remember President Barak Obama telling everybody that the reason for all those health insurance cancellations was 'bad apple insurers', and with poor coverage and that the new ObamaCare coverage was higher in cost because it was 'a better deal with better coverage'?

Long time Democrat Senator Tom 'did you know he was a war hero?' Harkin (D-IA) just accidentally busted that lie wide open about an hour ago in the Health Care hearing.

The senator began by talking about people who obviously aren't going to have kids anymore paying for maternity care. While Harkin first acknowledged there was some validity in that argument he then said he had "second thoughts after thinking about it."

He compared the forced payment for unneeded health care to property taxes, which are used for the public schools whether you have kids or not, or even if you;re using private schools as opposed to the union manned indoctrination factory doling out sub-standard education your taxes pay for.

Harkin then added that we live in a society that in his mind somehow obligates us to pay for the needs of others.

Let's look at that.

Now, the president and his apologists have been justifying the carnage caused by ObamaCare by claiming that people are "getting better coverage," worth double, triple, or ten times what they used to pay.

It's being presented as befitting them personally.

What Tom Harkin just let slip is that the massive premium rates do not benefit the ones paying the bills, but are a redistributive tax on the middle class to subsidize people the regime feels are more deserving. The fifty something small business owner takes it in the shorts to pay for the twenty something female Medicaid recipient.It is a forced subsidy. It is definitely NOT better coverage for the fifty something small business owner.Or, as we'll see, for the twenty something female medicaid recipient as time goes on.

The president made a very big deal about how premiums were going to go down, not up and how he wasn't taxing people in order to pay for this nonsense.

Senator Harkin inadvertently just revealed this was yet another flat out lie.

And here's another thing Senator Harkin didn't consider. No one forces anyone to buy property, and when you do, you understand that property taxes are going to be collected at a stated assessed rate before you agree to do so.

With ObamaCare, you're being forced to buy something whether you want to or not..and you were knowingly lied to about what it would cost you by no less than the president of the United States.

As I've written before, our president, the self-proclaimed 'middle class warrior' should more appropriately be considered a middle class rapist..with all the kinky obsession with domination and control that implies.


louielouie said...

tom harking actually spoke at this hearing, which obviously means, rahm's brother wasn't at this hearing.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Harkin and every other Washington big wig will not be obligated to spend one dime for the poor uninsured people in the US. It is just the duty of the hard working middle class citizens to carry this burden. Not to mention, we also pay for his damn health insurance, which, no doubt, is much better than what is on the gov. health exchange. So, you buck up Sen. Harkin. Put your $ where you mouth is.