Friday, November 22, 2013

Who Really Killed JFK?


Today being the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, there's the usual florid prose out there (and of course, the usual Leftist conspiracy theorie about how Kennedy was murdered by 'Right wingers') .

While most of the conspiracy theories are pretty easily dismissed, one thing that isn't is the apparent whitewashing of the facts by the Warren Commission.

Yet that itself is pretty easily explainable.

As I explained to one of my correspondents earlier, the first thing in solving any murder is to look at motive.

There were two groups who had motive to kill off JFK, who by the way was dying of Addison's disease and might not even have finished his term out anyway.

One was the Mob. Because of the help given JFK by Frank Sinatra and others whom were 'connected' during the 1960 campaign,the Mob expected a quid pro quo in certain areas. Instead, Sinatra ended up having zero influence (when Kennedy went to Palm Springs, he stayed at Republican Bing Crosby's house), Attorney General Bobby Kennedy bore down heavily on the Mob and JFK did nothing to get back the Mob's purloined properties in Havana.

In edition, Kennedy was sleeping with Mob boss Sam Giacana's girlfriend, Judith Exner, which made Giacana look foolish when he found out about it.

The second group was the Castro brothers and the Cubans themselves.Kennedy had made a number of amateurish efforts to bump off Castro, even trying to get him to smoke poisoned cigars...not to mention the aborted attempt to overthrow him in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

I would think the Cubans are more likely to have done it. (A) Because Lee Harvey Oswald was heavily involved in pro-Castro groups like the Fair Play For Cuba committee and may even have been a Soviet agent (B) because when he was captured, Oswald repeatedly asked to talk to Hoover and the FBI before he was murdered and (C) This would explain the continued U.S. blockade and isolation of Castro's Cuba, which I believe will end once Fidel is dead. It also explains the Warren Commission whitewash..because to retaliate against Castro might have meant nuclear war with the Soviets.

There may or may not have been a second shooter. Oswald was a trained Marine marksman. It really doesn't matter in the long term.

A third possibility - a long shot,but not out of the question - would have been a joint effort by the Mob and Castro. I say this mainly because of mobbed up nightclub owner Jack Ruby's involvement.

Ruby had terminal cancer, and there's certainly a possibility he might have been leaned on to do the job, and perhaps even promised a lil' somethin' somethin' for his family if he successfully did the deed.

Oswald's death certainly tied up a lot of loose ends, didn't it?

At any rate, that's what I think happened.

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louielouie said...

i didn't become a grassy knoller until about 1992.
i just didn't pay any attention to it until then.
that was when i was on a weekend date to dallas, and my escort knew dallas and environs very well.
we were in the downtown area going to a restaurant she liked, and she just blurted out, "there's the school book depository". so we did a little detour.
when i walked out into dealey plaza, i was amazed.
dealey plaza is about the size of a large living room.
the sixth floor is in a building that was built in the twenties.
think third floor by today's architectural standards.
when people start talking who, they get sidetracked by the why.
then they obfuscate the whole narrative by incorporating the RFK and MLK assassinations.
i have always thought there was a gov't component/involvement of some sort, only because of the george joannides, who was oswald's handler in miami, connection to the house committee on assassinations, which was convened in the mid 1970s.
how's that for a runon sentence?
the CIA got joannides to come out of retirement to serve as liason between the committee and the CIA.
talk about conflict of interest.