Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Man Buys House Next To Ex-wife..And Erects Giant Middle Finger Statue

Now this is interesting.

A Detroit metro area man, one Alan Markovitz had a nasty divorce with his ex-wife, who's now living there with the man Markovitz alleges she cheated on him with while they were still married. Knowing how these things work, the house his ex is sharing with her lover was probably paid for by the ex-husband too.

Now, a lot of men would probably just say the heck with it and move on with their lives. But Alan Markovitz apparently sees things differently.

First, he bought a house right next door to his ex-wife. Then he erected the above 12-foot statue representing a well known gesture...complete with a flood light to keep it visible 24-7.

As FOX Detroit reported, Markovits intended to keep this little matter between him, his ex-wife and her new boy toy, but a 12-foot statue like that is going to get some attention, and especially after his ex-wife's daughter posted a picture of the statue on twitter.

What's more, since the statue contains no obscene language or pornographic images, it's not even certain the statue can be legally removed.

Let's just call it a message suited for the digital age and leave it at that. Not all poems are written with a pen.

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