Friday, November 01, 2013

Navy SEALs Ordered To Remove ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Patch From Uniforms

The Daily Caller is reporting that U.S. Navy SEALs have received an order to cease wearing their traditional 'Don't Tread On Me' patches on their uniforms, per orders from their commanders.


WARCOM and GROUP TWO/ONE have pushed out the uniform policy for NWU III and any patches worn on the sleeve.

All personnel are only authorized to wear the matching “AOR” American Flag patch on the right shoulder. You are no longer authorized to wear the “Don’t Tread On Me” patch.

Again the only patch authorized for wear is the American flag on the right shoulder. Please pass the word to all


Senior Enlisted Advisor

[Name Redacted]

The 'Don't Tread On Me' jack and symbol is the long time traditional emblem of the U.S. Navy dating back to the American Revolution. In fact, an official Naval order,  SECNAV Instruction 10520.6 clearly states that as of 31 May 2002 all ships are to fly the flag throughout the duration of what was then known as the War on Terror.The SEAL's have worn the shoulder patch with pride since their inception, and it has seen action in any number of fierce battles.

The reason the SEALs are no longer permitted to wear the patch? Direct from the Obama-run Pentagon. It appears that the patch and Naval Jack are "too closely associated with radical groups.”

Obviously, our current commander in chief feels that the ''Don't Tread On Me' jack and symbol are associated with the Tea Party, those radical Americans who want smaller government and revere the Constitution. So in order to further demoralize what he refers to as 'my military', he obviously ordered a piece of their proud heritage to be trashed in a small, petty exercise of power.

The SEAL's and other Naval personnel will obviously have to knuckle under to this tyranny. In today's military (and I've heard more than one horror story from my correspondents), even the impression of not bowing to the Thought Police or the New Order is enough to get you tossed out of the service without cause as part of the 'restructuring' of our military this president wants.

We had better begin thinking about the implications of what this president is doing to our military. We may need them to defend us someday.


kenward42 said...

Obama wants to turn the military into his private "brown shirt" organization. He is a very poor example of a commander in chief.

Nicholas Darkwater said...

The Navy is now denying the "remove the patch" directive.

Next question is to find out who put out the directive in the first place?

Rob said...

I'm pretty sure it come down from the White House,Nicholas..although since it apparently didn't poll well and sparked a great deal of outrage, I'm sure its origin will remain an orphan.

BTW, nice blog! feel free to drop by anytime.