Monday, November 25, 2013

Harry Reid Changes His Tune On Iran Sanctions Bill

 reid062413 445x296 Reid Walks Back Commitment to Iran Sanctions Bill

Last week Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said that he  would  “ support” a bill that would tighten the sanctions. “The Senate must be prepared to move forward with a new bipartisan Iran sanctions bill, when the Senate returns after Thanksgiving recess. And I am committed to do so,” he said.

Ah well, he's received his orders from the White House and today is a different day. Now, Senator Reid is saying the Senate will act only “if we need to do stronger sanctions.”

Reid's fellow Democrats Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez were outraged at what occurred in Geneva this weekend and are attempting to drum up support for new sanctions legislation .What Harry Reid is telling us here is that President Obama won;t be subjected to the political embarrassment of having to veto the bill - Reid will just use his powers as leader to table it.

Quite a piece of work, that Harry Reid.

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