Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bubba's Revenge: 'Obama Should Honor His Pledge About Keeping Your Plan If You Like It'

Ah hah hah hah ha!

I expect that Mr. Bill will get a fair amount of criticism from ObamaBots about breaking a long tradition of former presidents not criticizing a sitting president, something they were OK with when that sitting president was George W. Bush.

As humorous as this is, the explanation's fairly simple. Being the savvy politico that he is, Bill Clinton understands what a train wreck ObamaCare is, and that it's only going to get worse come next January when people get a look at the increases in deductibles and co-pays.He wants this to be totally Obama's baby, so it doesn't affect Hillary's 2016 run.

He also knows that there's absolutely no way President Obama can act on this without scuttling the entire law. ObamaCare depends on moderately healthy people being forced out of their current plans and paying anywhere from 2 to 10 times as much for even worse coverage. Allow them to re-enroll in their old, cheaper plans and there's no way to pay for the subsidies, the preexisting conditions of sick enrollees, the additional regulations, the illegal aliens or the ridiculous uniform 'comprehensive benefits' that insurers are now required to pay for under ObamaCare.

The only other way out for the president is to admit another bald -faced lie he told about deficit reduction and alter the law yet again by increasing the subsidies...provided congress is willing to appropriate the extra funds, which I doubt would fly in the House, and perhaps not even in the senate. And even that isn't going to cure the problem with the vastly increased deductibles and co-pays, along with a number of other problems.

Meanwhile, the House Republicans are set to pass Fred Upton’s “Keep Your Plan Act"...which of course President Obama will either have to get Harry Reid to kill in the senate or veto. That particular comedy show should be well worth watching, as senate Democrats up for re-election in 2014 try frantically to squirm out from under.


louielouie said...

now that the new republic has cracked the elizabeth warren egg, i don't know if bill is that savvy.
this is very much hussein's legacy, and the only person he is going to allow to be elected is someone who will kill to protect it. as is.
after the dimocrats pick up 3 to 4 seats in the senate in 2014, look for elizabeth to get a lot more face time in the oval office.

Rob said...

If Mr. Bill was still president, that phrase 'look for elizabeth to get a lot more face time in the oval office'
would have a very different meaning...