Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bombshell! Proof The IRS Is Lying About Lois Lerner's 'Lost' E-mails


As I reported previously, the IRS has refused to provide two years worth of formed IRS Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner's e-mails with the excuse that her computer crashed.

How convenient! Who would have believed that our own IRS has absolutely no data backup system!

John Hinderaker at Powerline takes this apart even further, and has unearthed a bombshell at the very end that pretty much proves the IRS is lying through its teeth - again.

As Powerline points out, the IRS' own website reveals that their system of storing e-mail is ridiculously inadequate if they're actually telling the truth..which they may not be. We're expected to believe that no records were being kept prior to May of 2013 of all of the evidence on various cases, the decisions made and the actions taken by the IRS' employees.Prior to that, the IRS claims they were storing e-mails on tape which was erased and reused every six months to - wait for it - save taxpayers money. Since May of 2013, they say they now have a new policy of archiving all e-mails, but more about that below.

Of course, the IRS isn't claiming that the subpoenaed e-mails were recycled, remember. They're saying they were never archived at all because Lerner's computer crashed.And apparently, they want us to believe there was no success at all in any attempt to recover the lost data? With all the resources for doing so that the IRS must possess to deal with audits and attempts at fraud and concealing records?

Here's a little something that pretty much proves the IRS may not be telling the truth about this:


The IRS supplied this, the end of a supposed exchange of e-mails about the crash to congress as 'proof' Lerner's computer crashed.

First, note the date on this e-mail...July 19th, 2011. That's well before the supposed change in policy of May 2013 took place. So if what the IRS is telling us about their former methods is the truth, this e-mail should have been on those tapes that were 'recycled' and the IRS, if they're telling the truth shouldn't have been able to produce it..

That means that they are either lying about the recycling the e-mail tapes or that they manufactured this one and just backdated it, either of which constitutes lying to congress and obstruction of justice, which are felonies.Anyone else besides me think that they might have been instructed to do this this by someone higher up at the White House?


The other interesting point, as Hinderaker points out, is the wording of Lerner's e-mail:

It is remarkable that Lerner does not say: “Oh no! My hard drive crashed, and the IRS’s only copy of two years’ worth of my highly important work has been lost!” No: she is concerned about “my lost personal files,” because “there were some documents in the files that are irreplaceable.” That is a clearly stated and entirely reasonable concern, but it has nothing to do with losing the agency’s only record of two years of work. 


Puts a very different connotation on that 'crash', doesn't it?

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