Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mexican Embassy: Mexicans 'Illegally' Crossing U.S. Border 'Are Not Committing a Crime'

An interesting video, especially when you contrast how illegal aliens are treated here as compared to a certain U.S. Marine, Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, who crossed the border by mistake, committed no crime and is still rotting in a Mexican jail.

Or as one person in the video alludes to, the difference in the effort the Obama Administration is expending to free Sergeant Tahmoressi, a Marine who served honorably, with what the Regime was willing to do to free Bode Bergdahl.

Quite a contrast.


louielouie said...

this looks like a good posting to make an OT comment.
i haven't made one in a while so here goes.
a customer comes into my store.
his name may or may not be jerry.
his first project, when he got out of college and went to work, was to design Dallas Fort Worth Regional Airport. he was the project manager.
fast forward 40 years or so.
this same guy, whose name may or may not be jerry, comes into my store on a regular basis. he's getting ready to extend the runway at brownsville, texas airport, to over something like 12,000 feet. it's got something to do with a spaceport. i digress.
anyway, the guy whose name may or may not be jerry told me, his last visit in the store, that every daylight hour on the hour, of every week day, a white un-marked boeing 737 departs brownsville airport with 10 - 15 US marshals on board and the rest of the passengers are in handcuffs. they are departing for any/all central american countries. the planes return empty, save the crew and marshals.
i wonder if this is costing the US taxpayers any money?
this has been another in a series of off topic comments by louielouie.

B.Poster said...

When I first heard about the recent border situation, I asked myself what the position of the Mexican government is with regard to this. Actually, I already knew the answer. The response by the Mexican Embassy simply confirms it. In order to solve this issue, it would be helpful to have the assistance of Mexican and Central American governments here. As I long suspected, such assistance is not going to be forthcoming.

It also requires US officials who are serious about defending America. This seems to be lacking as well. Even if such US officials could be found, it would be a very difficult situation as any attempts to actually secure our borders would result in an international outcry, trade sanctions, and other punitive actions taken against up to and including an end to the dollar's role as world reserve currency.

It seems there are two sets of standards for the nations of earth. There is the standard that most nations are expected to abide by and there is another more stringent standard that America and Israel are expected to abide by. Until this changes, it is going to continue to be VERY difficult for us.


Just who are on these planes? Are they gringos being sent to Central America as part of a slave trafficking/sex ring or something like this? If these are illegal immigrants, its hard to imagine this being tolerated by the UN, Amnesty International, the news media or other stakeholders. It'd only be a matter of time before someone with the US Marshalls sends footage of this sort of thing to the news media leading to a HUGE payday for himself. As such, something like this could be kept secret for a week or so, certainly not long enough to build a runway and organize such a thing. Of course if they are gringos being sent to these places, nobody cares much about them anyway. Very respectfully, I think your friend who may or may not be named Jerry is pulling your leg.

As for wtf are thy doing here in the first place, many in Mexico are still bitter about Mexico's defeat in the Mexican American war and want Texas as well lands lost in this war back. These people represent part of an invasion force to try and take these lands back and probably to take additional territory from the US. Hatred of America is like mothers milk to the people of Mexico and Central America. As such, they would gladly assist. Also, it would seem very unlikely that Islamic terrorists are not taking an active role in this as well. Such people who hate America and feel they have an axe to grind against our country would gladly assist such people.

Some folks who want a vote to stay in office and others who wish to exploit cheap labor are gladly going along. Politicians are craven bunch who are simply trying to win the next election and since the compensation of the big CEOs are tied into the current stock price and most of them don't hold the positions more than a few years anyway, sadly most of them have lost the ability to think strategically over the mid to long term.

They simply have not thought through the long range ramifications of bringing into the United States a large group of people from third world countries all at one time who lack the necessary skill sets to contribute to the American economy and many of these people bear ill will toward the country as well. Of course some have and they are simply evil.