Monday, June 02, 2014

Racism 101 "Vote Black...Not For Whitey Or Them Asians!"

Songhai “Sunny” Armstead is running as a candidate for judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court. And her pitch? Pretty much what's expressed in the title, as evidenced here in a video of her speaking at an all black church in Gardena on April 27th her supporters got scrubbed from YouTube, but can be seen in full here thanks to Pat Patterico, one of our former Watcher's Council alumni.

After telling the congregation she's "the only African American running", she says:

You heard about realignment. You heard about the injustice that happens in our court system already. And you guys have seen who — I’m sure we all know who’s in our jails and who comes before our judges in court, right? It’s people who look a lot like the people in this room. People who look a lot like me.[...]

And part of the problem is that our judges don’t have the same life experiences that we have. They don’t have the same empathy. They don’t have the same understanding. They cannot relate. They have very narrow experiences.[...]

I am the only African American running. There’s only one Chicana running. Can you guess who else is running? Are there people who care about the people in this room? Probably not. I can’t speak before them, but probably not.

And then she tells them, "I'm a judge for you." Not for everyone in Los Angeles Couty, not for justice..but strictly based on race. This woman currently works as a prosecutor for the County, someone who gets paid by everyone's tax dollars, regardless of race. Can you imagine how this woman's racism has affected her performance as a prosecutor, in deciding which cases the DA's office goes after and which it doesn't, in what kind of plea bargains are made and who gets them, in what kind of sentencing to go after? Here's hoping the defense attorneys she's faced make a stink and cause her entire record to come up for review.

Imagine if she was campaigning in the nicer parts of the San Fernando Valley or the South Bay telling people to vote for her because she was going to be 'a judge for white people?' Or imagine if one of her competitors was telling people to vote against Songhai “Sunny” Armstead because she was black, as one local editorial (not the L.A. Times, of course) suggested?

The mainstrem media, of course, is totally ignoring this disgusting bigot.

But there is one thing. While I don't know how they'll behave in the voting booth, when you look at the video, you'll see at the end that the audience gives her polite applause,but that's about it. Hopefully, as Christians they have truly embraced the message of Jesus that all men are equal in G-d's sight and mostly rejected this attempt to manipulate them.

We'll see...

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