Thursday, June 05, 2014

Senator Michelle Obama!!!?!!

Speculation Builds on Michelle Obama Senate Run

That's the speculation by the talking heads at NBC.

NBC Quoting Reuters:

She would quickly become the most recognizable face in the Senate. Her fame and fundraising ability would command deference in a body that normally operates on seniority. Whether the recent elevation of her profile suggests a plan to run is unclear, but she will be well positioned should she jump in.

According to outdated polls cited by NBC from Democrat pollster PPP in 2012, she leads Republican Senator Mark Kirk by about ten points. Never mind that the polls are two years old and that Kirk's seat doesn't come up until 2016, with two years being an eternity in politics.Or that the FLOTUS has never evidenced any interest in running for office anyway.

This is what passes for a news story these days.

But one thing the story could have looked at - if we're looking at something thought provoking - is the why someone with no accomplishments whatsoever except spending an inordinate amount of taxpayer dollars on luxury vacations and travel for herself and her entourage and friends would be thought of seriously as a worthy candidate for senator.

Mrs. Obama lacks any experience that would qualify her for the senate. Even her law license from the State of Illinois was revoked, or 'voluntarily surrendered' as the jargon goes in 1993.She's never run anything, or even held a job for very long that actually required her to do any work. Her only real 'qualification' is her last name and the fact that the Obama fundraising machine would be behind her. And oh yes, that as the Democratic candidate she could count on the usual voter fraud from Cook County.

That's it.

That's what we've come entitled ruling class with no achievements or accomplishments whatsoever being touted as a candidate for high office.

There's a graphic I was going to include to express my feelings about this , but I'll let you use your imaginations.

Senator Mooch-elle.....


Anonymous said...

What's one more moron in that illustrious body? I mean, really, it's not like she'd be the only one. She'll have plenty of company.
In the words of that great American philosopher, ''What, me worry?''

good old fashioned rob racism (how i've not missed it!) said...

"There's a graphic I was going to include to express my feelings about this , but I'll let you use your imaginations."

Well, knowing you, it was probably racist and/or sexist. I'm guessing an ape or a tar baby? And you wonder why black people won't vote republican...

Rob said...

Gosh, Anonymous..
You know, I don't miss you at all, and you claim you don't miss me..yet you keep coming back! Now, that's odd,isn't it? You must actually like me on some level!

BTW, we spell that particular word raa-a-aa-cism around here,to denote how many people pronounce it. Always.

Now, the graphic? I'll level with you. It didn't have Mrs. Obama in it. Nor did I think of an ape, since apes are actually pretty intelligent. And actually, the tar baby didn't occur to me either, since that was also a manifestation of Br'er Rabbit's intelligence as I remember the story (which I'm sure you never read, somehow).

The graphic I had in mind was simply a cartoon of a kid being sick to his stomach, probably after eating one of the 'school lunches' Mooch-elle is forcing on kids these days while she dines on the fat o' the land on our dime, so to speak.

As for Black people voting Republican, makes no never mind to me. Although I would at least expect most of them to vote in their own interest, rather than give their votes for racial reasons to some slick huckster whose policies disproportionally have a very negative effect on black Americans.

His EPA regs make energy and food a lot more expensive for working people, ObamaCare his killed off a lot of black jobs and raised the cost of healthcare, and his monetary policies are going to end up weakening the dollar, devastating pensions and raising prices on just about everything.

And that's just a shortened list.

If the Bamster manages to shove amnesty through, you can add at least five points to the already skyrocketing black unemployment rate, as well as a nice surcharge in the cost of housing as competition and demand for affordable housing increases and rents rise.

I guarantee you, the Bamster and Mooch-elle are not going to be worrying about the cost of housing or whether they can afford to leave the heat on when it's cold outside. That's for the little people.

Which brings us to another point. You can see with your own eyes to damage someone can do when he gets elected president with zero qualifications for the job and no experience in anything but running his mouth

And you want to see a U.S. senator get elected with the same
qualifications??? Just because her last name is Obama??

No hateration, seriously, but how smart does that make you?