Sunday, June 15, 2014

One For Father's Day..And The Second Amendment

At a time when many children are growing up without fathers due to certain societal changes and of course, the lawyers and the courts, it's well to reflect on one vital function of fathers that these so-called 'feminists' seem to have forgotten in the zeal of conducting the War on Men....that their traditional role was to protect young females in their family from predators.

At about 11 PM last Monday, a 17-year-old girl was getting something from her car parked in front of her house, where she lives with her mother. As reported by Fox2News in St. Louis, two men, both with guns, grabbed her and began to push her back into the home with a gun to her head. They were obviously after a quick and easy home invasion, with the brutal rape of a young girl as an added bonus.

Unfortunately for them, her father, who does not live with his daughter or the girl's mother was visiting right around that time and was strapped.

He didn't dither or delay...his protective instincts kicked in, he pulled his own gun, shot and killed one perpetrator and severely injured the other.

He says he had no choice but to fire. “He was holding her hostage. She was a human shield. So I did what I had to do.”

When the reporter asked him how he had the confidence to pull the trigger when the man was holding his daughter, he said, “It wasn’t like that. It just happened. I didn’t have no choice. He had my daughter so I did what I had to do.”

Oh, and the two perps? Terrell Johnson, who no longer will hurt anyone else and Cortez McClinton, who was wounded were both career criminals. Johnson had a long rap sheet and had served time in the Missouri prison system for armed robbery. Ditto for McClintock, who had already been charged with one murder back in 2010.

I have a feeling President Obama will not be commending this man. Nor will gun confiscation fascists. But imagine what would have happened to the girl , her mother and the father if he hadn't been armed. By the time the police were able to respond, the bleeding bodies on the floor would have belonged to different people.

And there is this. Here's a man who is estranged from his wife and almost certainly doesn't see his daughter as much as he wants to. Yet the bond was so strong that he didn't hesitate risking his life to try and save hers. And he continues to give her an example of masculine behavior and what to look for in a potential husband and father herself when the time comes.

The man wisely insisted on not being identified by the reporter to avoid possible retribution at the hands of some of the perp's friends, but he deserves a shout out on Father's Day. He exemplifies a big part of what it's about.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I'll send it along to the fathers at Newtown.

If you really can't tell the difference between gun control measures (something supported by 80% of republicans and 70% of NRA members) and confiscation, then you're an idiot.

louielouie said...

The man wisely insisted on not being unidentified

that doesn't seem right.

Rob said...

Hi Louie..bad typo! Bad Bad! Shame on you, typo!


Rob said...

Hi Anonymous,
Y'know, people like you amuse me,simply because you think everybody is stupid but you...and I can't imagine where you get a basis for that at all!

You bet most reasonable people support some kind of gun control.But you see, prog turd fascists - like our president, for example- share that attitude that everyone is stupid but them, and try and disguise what they really want ( which is confiscation and a subject serf populace) in terms that sound reasonable.

Just the other day, our Dear Leader was saying we need a ban on automatic and semi-automatic weapons. I'm sure you flapped your flippers like a good little trained seal at that one!

Except if you know anything about guns, you realize that (a) automatic weapons are already banned for civilian use since the 1930's and (B) that 'semi-automatic' category includes all rifles and most shotguns except the single shot ( you get one shot and then re-load) variety and the majority of handguns, especially if you stretch it to include revolvers that automatically advance to the next cylinder once a shot is fired...and we know the president would, don't we?

What we had here was a man defending his family against two violent thugs with a weapon he legally owned and had registered in accordance with the laws of Missouri, Anonymous. Why do you hate law and order?

If this man had been armed with the kind of weapon you and the president wanted him to have (if he was allowed to have a gun at all) in this little scenario, we would have seen a father dead, his daughter and her mother brutally murdered and goodness knows what else done to them if one shot was all he had. Why do you hate women?

Oh yes, those Newton fathers? Yes, that happened in Connecticut, and I'd bet some of those people would love to know which school official violated lock down rules to let Adam Lanza in with those guns he stole...and I bet even more that they wish someone there had a firearm and the training and will to use it to save people's lives.

But hey, don't let that stop you! Better those people died so that prog fascists can use a tragedy to fundraise and ramp up support for confiscation. Never let a good crisis go to waste right?

But while I don't want people like you or our Dear Leader making choices for other people, I definitely agree that YOU have the right to make choices for yourself. I suggest you set us all an example by posting a large sign in the window of your home saying:

"This Is A Gun Free Home. We Support Banning The Private Ownership of Firearms"

Have the courage of your convictions, Anonymous. Show us all up.I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

(a) automatic weapons are already banned for civilian use since the 1930's

Not true at all. Legal automatic weapons must have been made and registered with the BATFE prior to 19 May 1986. These are what are known as transferrable NFA or Class III items. You need a Class C permit to buy. It's expensive, so no one does it. But Obama is right, they need to be outlawed. And you need to do just a modicum of research before you talk about things (like guns) which you obviously know nothing about.

And that guy in St. Louis went through the same types of background checks that most republicans, NRA members, and sane citizens want. I applaud him for shooting those two assholes. He did it legally. Meanwhile, Lanza should never have gotten his hands on a gun given his background.

And didn't one of your tea party friends shoot two cops in Las Vegas the other day? Looks like your 'good guys with two guns' were too busy with their donuts to fire back. So much for your theory. Think about it long and hard while you're walking into Chipotle with your shotgun.

PS. I love how you call everyone stupid, but 1) constantly get your facts wrong and 2) claim to be a mindreader! I mean, you seem to love putting words into Obama's mouth about confiscation, even though he never said them. Maybe I should call your local police office and put words in your mouth about how you like to rape your daughter. You can't possibly oppose such a brilliant tactic, no?

Rob said...

Aww, touched a nerve, did I?

I posted this because I wanted everyone to see exactly what type of person you are. And since I have your URI, your threat is now a matter of record.

Automatic weapons are effectively banned, as I said, not because of the expense of getting the permits but because it's impossible to get approval for the permits. Like I said, that's been true since the 1930's.

Research? Yeah, try it sometime! Adam Lanza tried to buy a gun legally, but was turned down because of his history of mental illness. He got this guns by murdering his mother and stealing hers.

Which will tell you something, Anonymous. Criminals always get guns somehow if they want them, banned or not.It's law abiding people who remain disarmed.

As for the shooting in Las Vegas yesterday, These people could best be referred to as wack jobs. Their only connection with anything remotely resembling th eTea Party was the fact they showed up and the Bundy Ranch, and were made to leave. In fact, they even bribed this pair of creeps to go away.

I notice you also ignored my explanation of what our president really wants and what he actually said about banning semi-automatic weapons, which essentially means confiscation. The link is pretty clear cut.

Nice try, but no sale.

louielouie said...

i'm sitting here wondering what a legal shooting is?
is that where anon shoots himself in the foot?
a justified shooting i've heard of. but legally shooting someone??????
i'm also wondering when was the last time a select fire weapon was used in one of these headline killings anon always brings up OT??????
they are always reported as being used, but when the story comes out, it is either a revolver or semi-auto pistol.
where was anon when that rodgers kid was stabbing his first two victims?
what we really need in this country is knife control.

louielouie said...

i forgot to ask anon why the NRA was such a large contributor to eric cantor's campaign?

louielouie said...

And didn't one of your tea party friends shoot two cops in Las Vegas the other day?

my heavens.
does anon have the party talking points down or what?
how many tea partiers were in the occupy movement like those two shooters were?
as long as our fully independent media keep this covered, people like anon will have full reign to spout whatever they chose.