Tuesday, June 03, 2014

See For Yourself How Progress Works With Seattle's $15/Hour Minimum Wage!!

 AP file photo

Seattle! Socialists on the city council led by Kshama Sawant led the successful charge to push through new legislation that will mandate a $15/hour minimum wage, highest in the country for an American city.

Believe it or not, this bill was a compromise. Sawant and her allies led a failed minority effort to strip the new law of all allowances for training wages, tip credits and health care. She also tried but failed to make the effective date Jan. 1. The council pushed the date back three months to allow businesses to prepare for the higher wages.

Still, she's not at all disappointed.  “Fifteen in Seattle is just a beginning,” Sawant said. “We have an entire world to win with solidarity.”

Fast food franchises were particularly irked because they were considered 'big business' under the new bill, rather than independently owned businesses. They plan to sue.

But meanwhile let's look at the amazing changes this wonderful Progressive victory will bring!


There are an estimated 1,700 franchise locations in Seattle employing about 19,000 workers. Many of these greedy, bloodsucking capitalists will be forced to close, thus freeing their employees from soul killing, repetitive labor so that they can enjoy new careers as poets, artists, mimes  and unpaid interns working for worthy social justice causes.

Other restaurants will adapt, and have the same beneficial effect of freeing up labor:

I wonder if this burger maker works on wind or solar power? And did the company president donate to the right campaigns???

And finally, the ultimate Progressive victory:


Look son, you had a hamburger six weeks ago. You know what meat costs now? Whaddya think I am, made of money? Eat that Michelle Obama Celery Dee-lite and be glad you got it.


Let them eat sprouts...it's good for the planet!


louielouie said...

at some point, some may ask why boeing moved their corporate headquarters to chicago.
at some point, some may ask why they didn't move their corporate headquarters to dallas when they had the chance.
at some point, boeing will have to get the permission of hussein, where they can build their manufacturing facilities.
oh, wait, those points are already here.

Bo said...

She's a foreign agitator. It's amazing what is now accepted and tolerated.

FresnoJoe said...

Holy Cow~! That's What She Thought???