Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Democrats Push RINO Cochran Over The Finish Line

Democrat cross over votes in an open primary just managed to push RINO Thad Cochran over the finish line in the Mississippi GOP race against conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel.

 With 99.9 percent of precincts reporting, Cochran beat McDaniel 50.8 percent to 49.2 percent. They were separated by about 6,300 votes out of more than 375,000 cast.

Here's a sample of what Democrats used to get out the vote among blacks for Cochran:


Sheer, easily debunked horse manure, but sufficient to gin up just enough Democrat turnout in a GOP primary to push a senescent RINO over the top..especially given who this nonsense was aimed at.

Nor am I kidding about the senescent part. the 77-year-old Cochran has been known to suffer surprising memory lapses about things his aides have previously informed him of, and to appear confused at times..and his own words about doing indecent things to animals in his youth also struck a great many people as strange.

Now this is simply power politics, and par for the course, which is why open primaries aren't such a great idea. But what's fascinating is the reaction from the usual suspects.

Democrats and RINOs are hailing Thad Cochran's 'coalition' as the way for 'Republicans to win elections'. You know, endorse amnesty, give up those quaint ideas about small government and fiscal responsibility, appeal to  'moderate Demoicrats' even though 2010 saw most of the congressional Democrats who embodied those principles disappearing.

For these people, here's a question: how many of those Democrats in Thad Cochran's 'coalition' do you think are going to vote for him in November?

Exactly. So the people of Mississippi are going to have to choose between a superannuated tool and whatever Lefty the Democrats put up. Cochran will probably win, but as always, it upsets me no end that Democrats invariably choose their lust for power over the common good.

There actually is something positive to take away from this. Right now, Democrats have a lock on most of the Black vote, even though their policies are disproportionally harmful to America's African-American community. Usually, it's done by outright lies and calls to racial solidarity like the poster above.

If even another 10% or so could be treated not as a minority that needs pandering to but as ordinary Americans with hopes, dreams, and aspirations and shown how small government, low taxes, freedom of choice and reduced government regulations and interference work to their benefit and those of their children, we'd see some major differences.

And part of that, as I know from experience is being willing to show up. As a number of Black conservatives can tell you, the Romney campaign wasn't even courteous enough to show they cared about Black voters by opening campaign offices in their neighborhoods. Or by sending the candidates or at least some credible spokespeople there to talk to these voters and make the case for voting for Romney.


Anonymous said...

Considering that things like this happen every election -

I really don't think republicans have the right to complain. They've been screwing black people over at the voting booth for years. It doesn't even the score by any means, but it's still satisfying to see that tea party clown go down.

louielouie said...

oh come on now, stop your lies anon. you don't believe conservatives have any rights at all.

They've been screwing black people over at the voting booth for years.

but not anything like the democrats do.
try putting alec baldwins comments in a conservatives mouth, regarding blacks, and you would wet yourself.
i'm really surprised anon.
your hard drive hasn't crashed.

Tantric Logic said...

"They've been screwing black people over at the voting booth for years."

Wanna tell us how, anonymous? Naw, that was the Dems with their poll taxes and Jim Crow BS. A much higher percentage of Republicans voted for the Voting Rights Act than Dems, a lot of whom were outright segregationists, like Clinton's mentor Senator Fulbright. Betcha didn't know that.

You're still getting screwed by the Party of Slavery and Segregation, and you're too stupid to even figure it out!