Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Epic!! Eric Cantor Booted Out By Tea Party Challenger!!

This is one of those ' Mr. Smith goes to Washington' moments.

On the one hand a well funded, well known and arrogant RINO incumbent, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. 


On the other, a little known  economics professor with hardly any money, but a message of honesty and common sense, Dave Brat.


They faced off in the Old Dominion's 7th District. Brat was outspent by 25 to 1 according to some estimates, but in the end, honesty and common sense won out.The polls showed a range between a dead heat and Cantor up by ten, but that was before Eric Cantor's  latest nuzzling up to amnesty for illegal aliens.

With 98% reporting, it looks like an 11 point win. And since the 7th District was designed to protect Cantor as a GOP District, Brat will almost certainly win the general.

Dave Brat will be a solid candidate for Congress. After some of the dirty tricks Cantor tried to pull on him, this novice politician has come through his baptism of fire and should give a good account of himself on the campaign trail and in DC.

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