Friday, June 27, 2014

Lawless - Obama To Impose Amnesty For Illegal Aliens By Diktat

President Obama's response to the crisis on our southern border that he precipitated is unfortunately typical of this regime. He's having his minions signal that he plans to ignore our laws and impose de facto amnesty for illegal aliens on America.

New White House press secretary Josh Earnest (there's an ironic misnomer for you) told MSNBC's Chuck Todd exactly that today in an interview:

“[W]e’re not just going to sit around and wait interminably for Congress,” he explained. “We’ve been waiting a year already. The president has tasked his Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson with reviewing what options are available to the president, what is at his disposal using his executive authority to try to address some of the problems that have been created by our broken immigration system.”

Earnest added that, although Obama was planning executive orders, he'd much rather have congress take the onus for him. And that was echoed strategically by other regime surrogates.

Senator Robert Menendez ( D-NJ) took care to threaten the Republicans that the president intends to override them by diktat.

"We're at the end of the line," Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) said Thursday during a press briefing in the Capitol. "We're not bluffing by setting a legislative deadline for them to act.

"Their first job is to govern," Menendez added, "and in the absence of governing, then you see executive actions."

Senator Dick Durbin ( D-IL) aided in the 'message sending' as well.

"I don't know how much more time he thinks he needs, but I hope that Speaker Boehner will speak up today," Durbin said. "And if he does not, the president will borrow the power that is needed to solve the problems of immigration."

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the third-ranking Democrat in the senate completed the trifecta,telling anyone who'll listen that all this can be solved very easily...all the House Republicans have to do in cave in on amnesty. He said Boehner and other Republican critics of Obama's executive actions have "a very good antidote" for their fears: "Put a bill on the floor."

"He's, like, shooting his parents and then throwing himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan," Schumer said. "Pass a bill, and that won't happen.

"If they don't bring any bill to the floor, the president has no choice — on a humanitarian basis and on a policy basis — to act where he can on his own," Schumer added.

I have seldom heard such outright lies pass the lips of public servants. Especially from Schumer, who isn't stupid in the least.There are over 250 bills that the House has presented to the senate for action that have not been allowed to go to committee, let alone a vote, because Majority leader Harry Reid won't allow the senate to act on them in any way.Talk about congressional inaction, they're just sitting there in limbo. And Schumer, at least, knows it.

What the regime's surrogates are saying is that the House Republicans either pass the ridiculous Senate bill supporting amnesty or craft one of their own that does essentially the same thing, because Harry Reid won't even allow any other kind of bill into the senate. If the Republicans refuse, the threat is that the president will ignore the law and do what he wants anyway.

A good part of this is House Speaker John Boehner's fault. President Obama has blatantly ignored the separation of powers in many instances, not just our immigration laws. Believe it or not, Boehner is only getting around to suing him over that now, six years on.

There's the spin from this president's apologists that he has deported more illegal aliens than any other president. But when you look at how 'deportations' are figured since President Obama took over, you find that even people caught illegally crossing the border and turned back are added to those numbers. In reality, Obama's Department of Justice has been declining to prosecute the majority of illegal aliens for some time, even in many cases where a court was fully prepared to issue a deportation order Th eObama Administration has been deliberately not pursuing the over 600,000 illegal aliens who actually have deportation orders and are running loose, winking at local jurisdictions in places like California that do not enforce or cooperate with the enforcement of our immigration laws while suing states like Arizona that do, hand cuffing our Border Patrol and 'prioritizing' enforcement of our laws so that illegal aliens guilty of crimes like drunken driving, fraud, sexual assaults and theft are not prosecuted for breaking our immigration laws and deported.

The entire perception this gives to anyone wanting to jump our border without going through legal channels is that amnestia is right around the corner, there are lots of freebies to be had and you won;t be sent back, so that now is the time to make the move. This president's illegal implementation of the DREAm Act after both houses of congress refused to pass it three times and his 2012 deferred action program, which halted deportations of qualified illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children were just a reiteration of that message, and are directly responsible for the chaos on our border.

Right now, instead of doing the job they were supposedly hired for, Border Patrol Agents are involved in shepherding illegal aliens to various makeshift facilities around the country, doing laundry and doling out meals and clothing.A number of the agents have already tested positive for exposure to infectious diseases.

In the Rio Grande Valley Sector of the border alone, over 181,000 illegal aliens have already crossed border since October 2013..and the number could be considerably higher.The McAllen, Texas Border patrol station was built to hold 380 people. It’s currently housing more than 1,100.

And it's not just people looking for work or to latch on to what they see as the coming amnesty and it's accompanying freebies. criminal elements from south of the border are also taking advantage of the surge.

A president who cared anything at all about the laws, about upholding his oath of office, or even about protecting the citizens of the country he supposedly works for would have ordered the National Guard to the borders to help police them and would have already spoken to the Mexican government about its responsibilities in the matter.

That's not the man we have in the Oval Office right now.

It's high time the House brought impeachment charges against Barack Hussein Obama.

The Democrats will of course vote against impeaching this president, just as they refused to convict Bill Clinton of obstruction of justice, lying to congress under oath and perjury.But the very fact of investigating these charges and airing them in the public arena will give the American people an opportunity to decide whether they still want President Obama in office. And every Democrat voting to acquit him will have to live with that decision come election time.

Oh, and just for the record? Here is a real solution for our illegal migration and immigration problems that is fair, just, humane and addresses these issues from the standpoint of what benefits America. That's exactly why nothing like this would ever be proposed or enacted by the current congress or signed into law by President Obama.

Their agenda is very different.

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