Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How The Palestinians And The Left Are Celebrating The Israeli Kidnappings

By now, most of you know that three Israeli teens were confirmed kidnapped near Gush Etzion, almost certainly by Hamas.

While most Israelis and many(but believe me, not all) Jews in the Diaspora are praying for their safe return, the Palestinians are celebrating this 'successful operation' in their usual hideous fashion.


This image came not from Hamas, but from the official Fatah Facebook page showing the three kids as Jewish 'rats' caught in a trap.

Fatah also instructed 'activists' to destroy any CCTV footage that might aid the Israelis in finding the kidnapped kids.

 And of course, candies and sweets are being passed out in Gaza, while the rockets are still being fired at Israel.

As a matter of fact, Hamas,who has not claimed responsibility may not be the kidnappers.

Abbas' thugs in the al-Aksa Martyr's Brigade issued a statement online claiming that they were holding the children and they would only be released in a swap for imprisoned convicted terrorists.

“We won’t release the three children, except in return for thousands of prisoners,” the statement read.

Remember, al-Aksa has pulled off this sort of thing before.

 Al-Quds, a Palestinian news agency, published an article on Wednesday describing the creative ways in which Arabs are celebrating the campaign through personal photographs, shaping the words out of string beans, or even carving them on a Libyan beach.

 A caricature by Omayya Joha published on Facebook Tuesday photo credit: Facebook image

In Israel itself, notorious MK  MK Hanin Zoabi (United Arab List) sparked outrage even from her colleagues on the Left when she said  that those who kidnap Israeli children are not terrorists.

Fortunately, there are a number of Israeli Arabs who don't feel that way, even in the face of death threats.

As despicable as this response from the vast majority of Palestinians is, it's to be expected. They've done far worse over the years.

But the West's reaction is simply abominable.

The Israelis are desperately searching for the missing kids throughout the Hebron area, where they're believed to be held. The response from the Obama White House? To lean on Israel to 'urge restraint.'
Apparently the Obama team thinks Israel has arrested too many Hamas operative in Judea and Samaria for its liking.

The EU took a full five days before issuing a perfunctory condemnation, and the UN actually issued a statement saying they were uncertain whether a kidnapping had actually even taken place!.

None of them are reconsidering in the slightest their support for the new Fatah-Hamas unity government.  

In fact, in the middle of all this, the EU actually adopted a ten page proclamation together with the Arab League hailing "‘Palestine’s commitment to democracy and human rights’ and lauding the new unity government while harshly condemning Israel - or, as they put it , the Occupying Power'- for human rights violations galore, including what they termed the “grave humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip” caused by "the closure" imposed by Israel against Hamas for firing rockets at Israel's civilians. Of course, there was no mention of the Egyptian government's participation in closing the tunnels and working to keep Hamas from obtaining heavy weapons on their side of the border.

It was so blatantly biased that the Israeli foreign ministry actually summoned EU Ambassador Lars Faaborg-Andersen to complain.

The message here is one that even the most reluctant Israelis are beginning to understand. To the EU and President Obama's team, the kidnapped teens and the rockets being fired into Israel are collateral damage of little importance next to a Jew-free Palestinian reichlet and an indefensible Israel on the 1948 cease fire lines.

The EU,of course has been the most outspoken about this, since they see it as excusing their craven behavior during the Holocaust(with some honorable exceptions), and a way of appeasing their new, restive Muslim populations as attacks on Jews in Europe continue to rise.

In the U.S., while most Americans remain pro-Israel, Barack Obama has largely succeeded in making Israel a partisan issue. And a look at what's happening on America's campuses and on the Left, sparked by a president who declared as early as 2009 that his goal was to create distance between America and Israel is a sign that things may be changing.

No matter how many concessions 'for peace' Israel makes, it will never be enough, because the ultimate goal is no Israel at all, not just as far as the Arabs aree concerned by Israel's implacable enemies in the West.

In essence, it's a movement towards a redo of the 1948 UN vote that created the State of Israel with a "no" outcome, and one of the best reasons I can think of that a strong, vital Jewish State is an absolute necessity.


Anonymous said...

As long as there's a ''peace process'' & Israel does not reject totally any two-state solution, does not annex Judea & Samaria, & does not expel Abbas & his Fatah terrorists, efforts to delegitimize & eventually eliminate Israel as a Jewish state will increase.

Dymphna said...

No matter how many concessions 'for peace' Israel makes, it will never be enough...

There -that's it. They don't want no Israel at all but an Israel perpetually writhing in grief. The all-new 21st century Warsaw Ghetto with the overseers forcing inhumane concessions repeatedly while the rest of the world impassively turns away from each new crime to watch the World Cup or the Olympics or some other 'exciting' distraction offered up for their continued amusement.

The continued existence of an Israel on its knees assures the West of having something to offer the world's mass murderers.

B.Poster said...

"But the West's reaction is simply abominable." I agree that the reactions of the individual countries who comprise the so called "west" has been as you describe it.

However, it is a mistake to understand these countries as some sort of monolithic entity. These are all separate countries with separate and distinct cultures as well as unique interests. Attempts to link such a diverse group together into some monolithic entity will, at best, end up in failed policy. For Israel or America to deal successfully with them, it has to be understood that these nations are separate and distinct.

As far as the Israeli/Arab conflict is concerned, as long as the "Palestinians" are receiving unconditional support from the EU countries and the US there is little chance of the peaceful two state solution that people claim to want.

If we are serious about a two state solution that consists of Israel and Palestine side by side in peace, the first step would be to withdraw all support from the Palestinian side or, at the very least, to make support for the Palestinians highly conditional much like the support Israel receives from America is.

Doing so would place the parties on a more equal footing. When the parties are on a more equal footing, negotiations become much more likely to be fruitful. Right now the Palestinians Arabs hold all the advantages. As such, there is not much willingness on their part to negotiate in good faith.

As for America, I'd suggest our policy toward this one to be one of a sort of "benign neglect." As for the EU, they would likely still continue to do what they do regardless of what we do. In the past, I believed America could/would serve as a valuable counterweight to the EU nations. This is no longer the case. US officials have similar world view to EU officials and if the US fails to cooperate with EU nations then EU nations dump the dollar as world reserve currency among other things thus giving America little ability to influence the EU. About the only thing most nations of the EU truly agree on is hatred of America, disdain for Israel, and love for all things Arab/Muslim.

At least without America's support, the Palestinians might actually feel this somewhat. That would be a good place to start.

A bit off topic but American officials need to begin working on strategies for a post US dollar as world reserve currency situation. This will happen and cannot be prevented. With proper planning and implantation of sound policies good outcomes are still possible. Unfortunately I'd expect American officials to get caught flat-footed on this like they do just about everything else.