Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iran: Russia an `unreliable partner'

The mullahs are miffed at Moscow over delays in supplying nuclear fuel and finishing construction on Iran's nuclear reactor in Bushehr.
Iran state TV called Russia "an unreliable partner" in a broadcast today.

"Double standard stances by Russian officials regarding Iran's nuclear issue shows that Russians are not a reliable partner in the field of nuclear cooperation," the broadcast said."It is clear that Russia has stopped construction of this plant under pressure and for political reasons".

The Russians, of course, have a different story, claiming that Iran is way behind on payments. The Russians announced earlier this month that construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant would be delayed at least two months because of Iran's missed payments and that the delay could cause "irreversible" damage to the project. Russia also indefinitely postponed delivery of enriched uranium fuel it had promised to provide Iran in March, and is reportedly pulling its workers out of Iran.

Perhaps the Russians have finally realized what a dangerous `ally' they've been nurturing. Or maybe it really was simply about the money. As I revealed in J O S H U A P U N D I T's news update of 2/20/07 ( second story down), the Russians realize that they originally made a pretty poor deal and that the facilities
they were building for the mullahs are worth a lot more then they were when the contract was originally signed.

This falling out among thieves could lead to a very different stance by Russia in the UN towards Iran....stay tuned.

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