Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gaza overflowing in its own sewage

The BBC , Reuters and the usual suspects have all covered the deaths of four to six Palestinians from rupturing sewer pipes.

Needless to say, the Palestinians have lived up to their status as professional victims and are blaming so called `aid boycott' for the inability to fix the pipes even though the UN warned them about the problem two years ago.

Here's another little factoid that the Beeb, Reuters and the rest of the Palestinian apologists in the media conveniently overlooked - that the metal sewer pipes are a prime source of purloined material used by the Palestinians for the manufacture of Qassam rockets, mortars and rocket launchers used in the War against the Jews.

The Palestinian Authority has always been full of it - now, they are literally swimming in it.

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Unknown said...

After East Jerusalem was freed in 1967, the Israelis had to clean up all the open sewers in the Old City!