Saturday, March 17, 2007

The EU and the US begin warming up to the new Palestinian government...

The so-called `Quartet' has proven once again that Islamic terrorism isn't Islamic terrorism if it's directed against Israel.

The US, and the EU are already making overtures towards the PA, and some countries are even going further than that.

The US, for instance, in spite of all the rhetoric about not dealing with terrorists has stated it will maintain an unofficial communication channel with Salam Fayad, Palestinian Finance Minister even if the unity government would not recognize Israel, would not abandon its commitment to terrorism and would not end violence against Israel. Hey, we have to make sure the Palestinians continue to get their jirzyah from the West unless we want our `Eternal Friends' the Saudis mad at us.

And the future foreign minister of the Palestinian Authority, Ziad Abu Amer has received an invitation for an official visit in France from none other than French Foreign Minister Phillipe Doste-Blazy.

Not only that, but French and British officials announced today that that their countries would have diplomatic relations with the new government - but only with the Fatah terrorists.

As I reported previously, the Russians are already on board, and aren't even making any distinction at all between Hamas and Fatah.

Neither is Norway. Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr St re, in a statement posted on the Norwegian Foreign Ministry's Web site, said that Norway will "re-establish political and economic relations with the Palestinian government."

Needless to say, this is a despicable stance, but to be expected from one of the most consistently anti-Israel nations in Europe.

The idea of giving the jihadis Israel in the hopes of being left in peace is a fallacy,but it seems to be deeply ingrained in some places.

Given Norway ( and the EU's) problems with their restive population of Muslims immigrants, those particular chickens will doubtless come home to roost in a most unpleasant way before too long.


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