Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The great matzoh fire!!

You know it's a slow news cycle when humble matzoh makes the headlines..

For the uninitiated, matzoh is the hard, flat unleavened bread invented by Jews in the desert when they were in such haste to leave Egypt and slavery that they left without waiting for the bread to rise.

Police in Spring Valley, New York were investigating a report that something smelled of smoke in the middle of the night. what they found was an old school bus converted into a huge oven for Passover matzos - complete with a smokestack, exhaust fans and a working fire.

A building inspector said that while the bakery bus wasn't nearly up to code, it was "very creative."

The old bus was parked near a private home in a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood and connected to the house with a plywood passageway.

Its owner, Rabbi Aaron Winternitz, told police he'd been making matzoh there for three Passovers and planned to do the same this year, with Passover coming up in a week.

Rabbi Winternitz made the matzoh for his 50-member Congregation Mivtzar Hatorah. Observant Jews `pass' on leavened bread and certain other foods and eat matzoh during Passover week to honor their ancestors who had no time to make leavened bread as they fled slavery in Egypt.

The Rabbi proudly admitted that the oven-in-a-bus was his invention, and that he purposely bought an old school bus because "school buses are made strong and safe."

Unfortunately the oven-in-a-bus is something of a fire hazard. Manny Carmona, Spring Valley's deputy building inspector, told Rabbi Winternitz that he has to move the bus at least 10 feet away from the house, disconnect the unauthorized gas line that was fueling the oven and come up with documents to show that a licensed engineer had overseen the project.

Chag Sameach!


Anonymous said...

jeebus cripes
5000 years of history and the joooos are as dumb as a rock.
let me spell it out for 'ya.
first, you threaten the life of the inspector, Manny Carmona. it might not hurt to throw in a few insults to his fmaily as well.
next, you threaten the lives of all those involved in the city inspection office.
next, you hold a huge rally in front of said office harassing innocent passers by and holding up huge signs that read "DEATH TO THOSE WHO INSULT MATZOH". numerous "BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT MATZOH" would be equally appropriate. as would sitting numerous automobiles ablaze, at random locations around the community. this is after all, about a fire hazard. is it not?
next, you go to the inspectors home, and hold a huge rally on his front lawn, virtually holding his entire family, and neighborhood, captive.
then, you burn down city hall, and sue the city of spring valley for persecution and discrimmination.
there, that's how it's done.
geez, do i have to think of everything for you people???????

Freedom Fighter said...

Too funny, Louie!

Nice to have you drop in, it's been


Anonymous said...

does the expression, "full system recovery" mean anything to you?
yeah, you can wipe out all the data on my machine, you can take away all my e-mail addresses.
wipe out my blogroll.
even delete my porn.
in the end, i will be the bad penny of joshua's army.