Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dog robs gas station

Yes...there are some bad dogs out there. This one robbed a gas station!!

The perp? A seven year old bull terrier named Conan, shown here caught on a security camera.

The target? A Statoil gas station/food store in Norway.

Conan sneaked out the door of his home Wednesday night around dawn and headed straight for the Statoil food shop nearby.

From there, the cameras picked him up sniffing around the candy shelves, looking to gratify his unspeakable lust for his favorite candy...chocolate covered rice crisps.

Once he found them, he wolfed down the entire container.

"When he was finished he let out this enormous burp," said Elisabeth Roel, who had the night shift at the station.

She tried to chase Conan out but the dog growled and refused to leave, and went searching for more chocolate. Roel then called the police, who took the canine into custody. Conan ended up behind bars with a pit bull for a cell mate.

According to his owner, Liss-Hege Jeremiassen, the dog is a repeat offender.

"He is incredibly fond of food in general and sweets in particular. He has run off a few times before, and he always heads for food stores."

Definitely a cereal criminal...(sorry!)

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Unknown said...

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Eating enough could be fatal.