Monday, March 12, 2007

Then and now - The Hitler Youth and the Jihadi youth...

Regular members of Joshua's Army know that I've found numerous similarities between jihadi Islam and the Nazis, starting with my comparison of the Qu'ran vs. Mein Kampf.

Here we have a must-see video that compares the Nazi attitude towards indoctrinating youth with the techniques used by the jihadis to create shaheed `martyrs':

YouTube - Then and Now, Part II

The jihadis were Hitler's allies during WWII, and they undoubtedly learned much from him..and vice versa, since the jihadis' attempts to indoctrinate youth predate the Nazis and go back to the Assassins Islamic sect of the 8th century...some of the world's first terrorists.

Or, to quote Yasir Arafat, speaking to Palestinian women: `Have ten children, keep one for yourself and give the rest to me for Palestine.'

Hat tip to lgf and to kiwiexpat81...

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